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I can't get the clamshell concept off my mind. Also I am waiting for the next generation before buying what will probably be my last calculator, at least for this particular spin 'round the old mortal coil. Anyway, I had a thought, a clamshell that was more like a miniature laptop, buttons on one side and a big color screen on the other. Numerical and formula data could be displayed in a variety of formats, sizes, etc. but there would be plenty of room also for nicely detailed and colorful graphs. Probably not a new idea but I'm thinking it might be a cool concept.


Are you sure such a system didn't already exist ?


Well, I was thinking smaller and much more calculator-specific, something along the lines of the 28's with a nice array of good-feeling HP-style buttons.

These are fairly big, aren't they?


Casio FX-9860 slim:


Here's a dream calculator of 2007 (ways before the WP 34S):

There must be something in the archives about it in March of 2007.


What dimensions are you envisioning for that?


Looks like I envisioned a real estate approximately like a Voyager when closed, something less than twice a Voyager when open. Thickness depends on batteries. QWERTY keyboard possible in alpha mode. Really old design d:-)


Yes, this looks awesome! More what I had in mind. Personally I would prefer a full display on one side so you could split the screen and have the equations/listing in one area and a large plotting area remaining. Also, buttons on the display side would be inconvenient if using in the typical "laptop" mode (open 90 to 120 degrees).

Anyway, I like this approach!


You are right, this is a bit too big.

The challenge is still to create same shirt-pocket sized system.


While this concept also works pretty well, the keyboard is bad, in comparison to the HP clamshells.
I think the "virtual prototype" is pretty much the optimum, IMHO far better than the clamshells.


As for keyboard implementation, yes, a 28C/S keyboard design with a conventional/standard staggered QWERTY layout would be, in my opinion, the best of both worlds. If HP could design a landscape form factor in a 28C/S shape with all keyboard necessities on one half and the other half being the display, yes, that would be ideal. Even better, take above thoughts and morph that into a 71B+28C/S landscape orientation concept. Now that's another idea.

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It sounds like you want an HP 95/100/200LX, or better still a 1000CX and roll your own calculator into it.


The 95LX was a nice item at its time, pretty robust, and you could use it as a DOS machine.

If it would be possible to take over the keyboard, replace the screen by a large OLED and make it half to third as thick, I'd consider it a great machine (at least from the outside specs).

However there is a very close line to mini portable PCs and/or phones with keyboards (like the Nokias). I'm not sure if the calculator niche is large enough to allow such an expensive item.


If you want a big thing take Viagra. :)


I didn't know that works like a clamshell, does it? TIA for enlightenment ;-)



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