What did I miss out on?


Sad, true story. A few months ago I went to visit my Dad up near St Louis. When I walked in to his salvage / thrift / flea market store and saw what I did on the table, I 'bout choked. There was a BEAUTIFUL HP 15C box lying on a table for 5$. My Dad knows nothing of calculators and I said "5$? Really?" and he said "If you want it take it!" I sad "Dad I gotta pay you for it. I'll give you 105$ for it." Then Dad nearly choked. When I opened the box there was not a 15C in the box but a very nice HP11 with manuals, I'm talking minty condition. I told Dad he should put it on eBay and he said those magic words..."I have a box of about 20 more calculators, all HP here somewhere." My heart missed 3 or 4 beats. We looked around that shop for 2 hours and could not find them. Dad finally decided they must have been taken in the box by someone at his last auction. If so, it must have been intentional...they were never returned. I died a little bit that day.


BTW I meant to add that, if they were taken, I am convinced it was NOT by a HP-geek-techie person. I'm afraid when I left the Bootheel of Missouri, no one remained that had ever heard of RPN. Just sayin! LOL


(sobbing quietly in the corner...)


(sobbingly following Bruce's footsteps...)


Me too! It is probably better, given the circumstances, that I don't know what the other calculators were!


Believe me, I wondered precisely the same...


Lesson learned though...every calculator that runs through his store now he calls me first thing. He knows some of the bigger things to look for (like ANYTHING with HP written on it). Hoping another box comes through like that. You can be sure I'll let ya know.

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