Hand-in-Hand (har har)


I recently acquired a Libretto 50CT, for which I have deeply lusted ever since first seeing one back around '97.

Whoever owned this previously was apparently as much of a handheld nerd as I am/was. Upon digging through the hard drive, I was immediately greeted with CPACK100 staring me in the face. Some more rummaging led me to Intellisync for the LX, plus some other software for syncing a Sharp organizer (not a Wizard; probably some YO- model), and old Windows CE handhelds.

On a side note, it's rather surprising how IE4 isn't actually 100% useless - I'm posting this from the Libretto. This website renders just fine, in fact.


Urgh, how about putting Linux on it? Seems like a fun little challenge.


It's crossed my mind. I've got a 4 GB CF card plus 2.5" IDE adapter being delivered tomorrow, so I'd have space for a dual-boot. The challenge would be finding a small Linux distribution with proper driver support.


I ran Red Hat Linux on my Libretto 50CT for several years.


Hi Dave,

Congraduations on your new (relativelly speaking) toy. Like you, I also always wanted one of the Libretto's. Last year, I snagged a couple of 110CT and a 100CT, along with all the accessories. I mostly use mine for the RS-232 port on the dock. Need it to interface with the Sharp PC-1600.

The idea of using a CF card is a good one. I have a bunch of CF cards with varing OS systems to play with on them. There's several sites about Linux on the 50ct:

50CT Linux Video

Linux Toy

I've got the following OS's running on my Libretto's:
Win98, CPM/86, Slackware Linux 7.1, Xenix 386, Coherent, AT&T Unix System 5/386

I tried the dual CF adapter, but my units would only reconize the primary CF card. I had hoped to have two CF hard drives installed, but no go.

They are great fun. Enjoy.


Edited: 20 July 2012, 6:55 a.m.

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