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Hi all, I'm obviously new here, and I need help! My husband has recently purchased an HP 35s for his work as a steel detailer, and he and his boss are beyond frustrated with the thing because they can't get two lines on two programs to enter properly. I've spent hours myself looking through the manual and the Internet, and can't seem to find any answers.

The lines don't seem all that complicated, and they are just inverse of each other. They are modeled on the same lines from programs on other HP calculators. We're really hoping we can get the 35s to cooperate as well. Any help from you experts would be so appreciated!

The first program giving them fits is a Rights - R/S program, which should read out slope, x><y reads out bevel deg. stored in D. One line is not entering correctly, and it looks like this: y,x->Or (read a right pointing arrow at -> and Theta at O). How do we enter the arrow and r?

Like I said, the other program is similar. It's a slope program, that reads out rise, x<>y reads out base. The line they can't figure out is Or->y,x (again, read Theta for O and right arrow for ->).

Again, thank you so very much for any help you can offer. And I apologize for dropping by unexpectedly!



so basically you are looking for the coordinate transformations from cartesian to polar and the other way round. I will have to check when I get home, but I don't think the 35s supports those. I think it only has polar are cartesian mode for complex numbers.

Maybe somebody else knows this without looking at the calculator / manual?


OK, I keept thinking about this. It would have been easy if it was possible to merge two real number into one complex and split a complex into two reals. But I don't think this is possible on the 35s either. So I tried googling that and found the solution to your problem:

coordinate conversions

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Enter x i y DISPLAY .0

This gives you length, the theta symbol, and the angle.

Go back to cartesian coordinates with DISPLAY 9, if needed.


That is fine if you just want to see the numbers, but won't work in a program.


That is fine if you just want to see the numbers, but won't work in a program.

Yes, I participated in writing the conversion programmes back in 2007 due to this. The resulting article with stack preserving routines should be somewhere in the articles section.

Edit: Don't find it, but here's the original thread:

R <> P

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And then, we're back to the issue of decomposing complex numbers and polar/rectangular coordinates for individual X, Y stack orientation as per the HP-67, 45, 34C, etc.

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In case it is not clear from the other responses, the y,x->O,r and O,r->y,x functions from the programs for other HP calculators which you are trying to enter into the 35s are built in functions to convert two values, one in x and one in y which represent a vector or complex number, from polar representation to rectangular representation and vice versa. Commonly referred to as Rectangular to Polar and Polar to Rectangular functions. The functions were available on all (maybe all, I did not do an exhaustive review) scientific HP RPN calculators from the HP-45 on. They were generally labeled ->P and ->R or some slight variation, I think until the 33s used the y,x->O,r and O,r->y,x labels (which I personally never liked.) In any case, the 35s does not include built in functions to perform these conversions. (This caused much chagrin, consternation, outrage and of course discussion when the 35s came out.) The functions can of course be programmed, and many routines were developed and presented. This thread seems to have come from your exact situation.



These conversions are available as programs in the articles section.

- Pauli


You guys are all so AWESOME! Sorry for shouting, but I'm just blown away by the response here to my questions. I'm amazed you even knew what I was asking, and not only that, but answered so clearly. I've now got my husband's calculator programmed as described, so he can move forward in his new job.

Thank you again, so much! I wish I could send each of you a plate of brownies!


I love brownies :-)

This forum is a little slice of old-fashioned usenet engineer social heaven surviving in the 21st century.


Thank you again, so much! I wish I could send each of you a plate of brownies!

A good opportunity to present the brownies would be the HHC 2012 at Nashville :-)



No Shouting apologies necessary. It's wonderful news to discover a solution here with the MoHPC think-tank.


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