HP48SX seems fully functional won't run SELF TESTS?


Hi everyone,

Okay got this HP48SX. SO far it seems fully functional. But, I am unable to run any of the self tests. I am not experienced with this model. Can anyone explain this?

Thanks so much folks.



First, get ready to use the following keys: [ON], [E] and [C]. Procedure is as follows:

- press and hold [ON];

- while holding [ON] pressed, press and release [E];

- release [ON].

it starts a cyclic self test, with patterns and messages that should lead to a

[HP48SX OK! | | | ]
and start all over again. To stop it, you need a system halt (no memory clear with this procedure, only stack levels are cleared):

- press and hold [ON];

- while holding [ON] pressed, press and release [C];

- release [ON].

That should do. Do you believe a keyboard test is needed as well?


Luiz (Brazil)


Nah... I'd clear it but will let it here. Just in case...


Thanks so much Luiz. I didn't understand the key sequences for the self tests. After thinking about it for a while I figured them out.

It is passing all of the tests!

Thanks again.


Good news, indeed!

Never mind asking, it's better knowing what to do correctly than trying on with no guidance.


Luiz (Brazil)


Sorry folks, false alarm! I'm an idiot! Unit passes all tests!
Thanks again and sorry...

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