HP clear cased 38C


I've just updated the online collection

Added a rare clear cased 38C Prototype in the clear cases and rare stuff set

Also some HP48S series in the HP set

I have some more photos to take in the next few days, so watch this space for more updates.
Cheers, Keith

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I should take a bow in respect to your collection. It is superb!

Congratulations. Something worth seeing.

Thank you for your effort keeping, making it grow and allowing us to know about it. I'd never know that these rare units exist, and they are all together in one place, which is easier to find.


Luiz (Brazil)


Great collection for sure! :-)

they are all together in one place, which is easier to find.

Oh, I hope there will *never* happen something to this place like it happened to Geir's some years ago! I vote for risk reduction - else even the whole community may lose a lot.

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Don't worry, I keep them all in a vault in a deep underground concrete bunker under Mt Wellington ... (not really!)


Thank you Luiz.


I quite fancy a cleare cased one. I have never seen one for auction though. An I guess, it would be way over my budget anyway.

So I have been wondering if it would be possible to make a clear case using a 3d Plotter. I suppose the biggest problem would be to 3d scan an original case. Does anybody have experience with this?


I very much doubt it's possible to plot (or CNC from a massive block) anything close to an original enclosure. The extremely fine texturing needs a mold, when printed, the texturing certainly needs to be smoothed, same with CNC. No way this would look as nice :)

(Btw. I had prototype parts made of yellowish and clear plastics, without texture. Still molded though, but no texture was probably way cheaper when manufacturing the mold...)


Yes, I agree, you wouldn't manage to get the texture. But still... it would be nice.


Also added the back of an Xpander Prototype


Nice find, never saw a clear case 38C. Thank you for sharing the pictures.


Really impressive collection. And what a nice way to display the calcs/computers. Very nice photos that must have taken a long time to shoot so right. Looks absolutely fantastic. Cheers!

Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen




Is it because it has cyan parts instead of blue-blue parts?


And let's not forget the "frozen hamster butt" blue of the HP49G.


I've never seen a hamster with a frozen butt... could never link the colors, though!


Well actually the 49G is one that I don't have in my collection - I can dream that one day i'll have one ...

I should have thought of putting the Xpander in the 'blue' photo! Maybe I'll have to take more photos!

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