Is there a need for an HP-71 emulator?


Now when HP-42X has been finished I was thinking about the possibility of writing an HP-71 emulator for HP-48/49. It would be called HP-71X, of course. Based on the knowledge collected during the development of HP-41X and HP-42X I think it would be possible to emulate HP-71, but with a few shortcomings because (beside the Saturn CPU) HP-71 is very different in architecture from HP-48/49 (different screen width, different timers, different memory/port layout, ...)

So, I would like to know if there is any need for such a software?

Best regards.


Just a silly question, but what is the need for any of these emulators of a calculator within a calculator? It seems silly to memorize unlabeled keys for their function and overlays seem impossible on a 49G. Why not just use the 49G or 48G as the calculator it is? If I need a 42S or 41 I will use one (or a palmtop emulator where I can read the functions). Just curious how many users have forked over cash for these emulators. It does seem like a cool and neat programming exercise but I miss how many people will make use of them.


I would tend to disagree with you Ken, as far as I am aware of, there is no BASIC language available onto the HP48 platform. It may seem old stylished but I think quite a lot of people may still be willing to use BASIC, ... even within the RPN/RPL convinced ones.



If for no other reason, an HP-71B emulator for the 48GX or 49G would be helpful to be able to program in BASIC.

OF course, if Hrast can make it able to call 49G functions through basic... :-)




How many people would program in 71B basic (yes it is real good) rather tahn choose a newer basic platform either on a PC, Palm or Pocket PC unit?

Seems the only user would be someone porting an existing 71B program over they were unwilling to rewrite.


No arguments with code compatibility in whatever BASIC got put on a 48/49. NO arguemnts with the BASIC on the 71.

But if you want a BASIC interpreter, do you necessarily want a machine emulator? why not a 71-like BASIC that ran in the 48, with all the capabilities of the 48?


Hi, I would like to encourage you to write an HP-71B emulator, I would use it.

I would also like one for the PC, WinXP. With the ability to list out programs in a multiline window as well as the actual display, print to the PC printer, save files, plug in the software modules and of course include max memory.

All writers of emulators for the PC should use Warren Furlow's emulator for the HP-41CX and get the look and feel as good as his.

Let me know if you do write one...


There is an HP-71 emulator from JF Garnier. It works fine on my HP200LX (alas on a double speed LX not fast enough, but great fun on a desktop).



Mike: I am interested in knowing more about the 71 emulator for the LX 200. Could you please bring some more information or references to find it? (I don't know if it is available for download or purchase, etc.)Thank you


and - would it run on a 95LX? I don't think I'll be able to ever afford a 200LX at this rate.


This is HP-71 emulator for PC (MS DOS), not for HP-48/49.


right, the 95, 100, 200 machines are DOS based- to some extent. Not 48/49 type machines


Hehe, I see, you miss HP-IL on the HP-49.

If you have some spare time and like to program sophisticated, why not make the HP200LX understand the output of Blinky (IR-Printer of the HP-41)? That would be a nice tool!

Ciao.....Mike ;)

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