HP 34 and HP 41 Repairs Needed


In 2003, I had an HP34C that was in a bad state and in serious need of repairs (Mostly a bad case). A guy in Spain made the repairs for me and really did a nice job. I now have a HP 41 I want to have repaired as well. Unfortunately, somehow during my hard drive swaps, my e-mails from this era have vanished and I lost his contact info. Plus I am hoping he still does these repairs. I searched the net and this site as well but cannot seem to find anything that matches his profile, or when I do, doesn't have his contact info.

Can anyone get this info to me ? In particular, I would like to e-mail him since that is about the quickest way to catch someone. If this guy is no longer doing these repairs, I am open to hearing from others who can also repair these machines. As everyone here knows, it probably isn't worth it money-wise to repair these, but you just can't put a price on these when they are in good working condition.

Thanks for the help.


Hi Matthew,

It matters where you live: where is that?

All the best.


Hi Matthew,

You may be referring to Jon Ibarra, at least he was offering repair services a while ago and he's also Spaniard.

It's been about 5 or 6 years since we last was in touch, but I'm confident I can find his e-mail if you're interested.

Mail me just in case.




Yes that is the name. Definitely send that info if you can find it. Thanks a lot.



I am in the Houston, TX area.

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