Saturn based emulators for android



Now all my Saturn based calculator emulators use a native (C) core emulation. You can have a Saturn cpu up to 25MHz now.

This is for HP17BII, HP27S, HP42S, HP28S and HP71B emulators.

The HP28S got a new landscape tablet mode (you need a display at least 1024x600): printer, alpha keyboard and calc keybord in one display.



And nothing for the iPad?????






My mac is first gen intel MacBookpro: Core Duo cpu so I can't install last OS X needed for development, then I don't have an Ipad, and I don't want to pay some fees to be able to develop on iOS ....

If enough people buy my apps, perhaps I could buy all the needed hardware to develop on iPad ...

Add the price of needed stuff: I need at least 2500 € :^)

(and if I got this money, I have more 'useful' things to do with this amount of money, after all it's a hobby)

Sorry Namir, but it won't happen soon ...



How about you go on the FR2 TV show "Tout le monde veux prendre sa place" .. win a few thousand Euros ... and the problem is solved! BTW I will cheer you up since I see it here on TV5 at home in the US.


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Hi Namir,

I stop watching TV since 2 years and actually I think it was a wise decision to have more free time for all sort of nice things to do (as programming emulators, reading books, listen music, ...)



I do all that AND watch TV in my 36 hour-days!!!




2500 euros? iOS development doesn't have to cost that much. Get a Mac mini, they're $600 new and of course you can get them for a lot less on eBay; use the monitor, keyboard, and mouse you already have (keyboard, mouse, video switch: $15). Plus, of course, the $100/year iOS developer tax. I made that investment, and the revenue from selling Free42 in the App Store (before I dropped the price to zero) and from donations (still ongoing) has repaid that investment many times over.

There are better reasons for avoiding iOS development. I personally find the iOS APIs to be very painful and frustrating to work with; Android is *much* nicer in that regard. :-)

- Thomas


Linux (GTK) ..?


New free android emulator, search for go48s on googleplay.

Sorry it's android only :-)

If you got some trouble to start it, use 'menu/action/soft reset'


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It's a nice emulator but the bottom half of the soft menus is cut off on my Droid Bionic. Also, I did a hard reset and now it's stuck at the recover memory screen. I got the go15c and that's great, no problems!


What is the resolution of the screen of your device ?

To get it back, use 'android/preferences/applications/go48s/remove data' then restart it.


Droid Bionic is 540X960 pixels. Running ICS Android 4.0.4 Clearing the data allowed me to use the calculator again, but the soft menus are still mostly covered.


Same on Galaxy Nexus / 4.1.1:

Other than that, this looks promising...


Actually, your screenshot shows that you can read the soft menus. My screen actually only shows the top row of pixels, so I can't read them.


This kind of bug is due to the multiple screen sizes of android devices, I will try to correct this bug soon.



Really nice emulator. I can put my real 48SX to sleep now :-) The increased speed is great
Works really well on my Samsung Galaxy SII.
Thanks Olivier.


I agree, it works great on my Galaxy S2 too. Tnx!

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