50G Printed Manuals


I love having the manuals on cd and on my laptop, but I would really rather have a hard copy. Is it permissible to print the manuals on paper, or take the cd to say, Staples, to have them print it? Alternatively, is there anywhere online I can order a printed manual? I'd like to have both the user's guide and advanced user's guide.


Hi there.

Eric Reichlin can help with that. He's even got the Advanced Users' Reference Manuals.

His website is www.hpcalc.org

I have them and they are top notch!!

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Excellent! Just created an account there and viewed manuals, VERY nice price. I will order them!


You're welcome. They are very high quality manuals and I know you will benefit greatly from them.


A year ago, I bought the two printed manuals from hpcalc.org. They were beautiful and inexpensive.


Just "built" the 4 manuals on Staples, total cost (most economic) was 125$!! hpcalc will get my order for users and advanced users as soon as funds are here. Thanks to both of you!


Just "built" the 4 manuals on Staples, total cost (most economic) was 125$!! hpcalc will get my order for users and advanced users as soon as funds are here. Thanks to both of you!

$125? ouch!



> I love having the manuals on cd and on my laptop

What about having it inside your 50g?


HP 50G Full Command and Function Reference incorporated into the O.S.





Andreas, I always get the best tips here in this forum. I just emailed the author about the help file and plan to order as soon as he responds. Thanks my friend!

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Hello Les,

just for clarification, I am the author of that software.

I am interested in making this widely availabe at a very attractive

prize for as many users of the 50g as possible.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome.




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Well, as you know by now, I just ordered it and the OS Extension. The youtube videos are awesome. It's going to nice having the manual right there on the calculator. I'll still buy hard copies, but I do appreciate your product. Auf wiederhören!


Oh! I just now see you are the one that recommended it to me! Es tut mir leid, I am a little slow on the uptake! LOL


Don't worry - at least you know more than one language :-) Although it may be you got that in your cradle, don't you?


2 years of German suggested for my undergrad degree in math (back in the 80's), and I always loved the language too. Probably easiest to learn if you already know English.


I second that ouch and raise you a 'yikes.' Les, I hope your projects involved with the 50g will reap the profit necessary to recoup that copy expense.


Not likely Matt!! At 50 years old I quit my job as a retail store manager and went back to Grad School to get my MEd in Secondary Education so I could teach math here in Arkansas. I would love to show these kids the HP's and RPN (actually I do tell all of them about postfix notation and offer to expound for anyone that wants it...no one ever does!) Man, I ate this stuff up in high school back in the seventies. Bought my first HP, a 15C, in 1985 for college. Yes, I am afraid i cannot truthfully say I "use" my calculators. My wife even asks me all the time "Are you playing with your calculators again?" No money to be made, just hours and hours of pure enjoyment.


Hi Les.

I feel the same way. Ever since I was six, my grandfather and my family couldn't entice me enough to stray from being engulfed in my calculators and programming hobbies. Of course, now that I'm 46, I can divert my attention to other things in life, like church, spending time with friends at a local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or even just going out to things like weddings--you know what I mean.

As for my RPN crusade, yup, I too extol the virtues, logic, ease-of-use and benefits of RPN when friends are curious about my calculator hobbies.

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I still get a big kick out of it when someone asks to borrow my calculator then says "Where's the = key?". Good lord we are nerds...


When (rarely) people borrow my 50g, they usually say "Wonderful calculator, but can it add 2 and 2?" I then reply "I suppose so, just try" so they press 2 and then +, and they get a "Too few arguments error" because the stack was clear... I love the look on their face! :)


I printed the manuals at home and had Staples put them in spiral bindings. I think that only costs about $8.


David, both manuals amount to some 1600 pages of text, right? Printing front and back you got 800 pages to print. How much did it cost in ink? I did ponder this possibility first, but it would take my printer 3 days and a gallon of ink I am afraid...


...and, when I do front/back printing, my printer usually skips a sheet shortly after starting the back run, so that all the pages get wrongly ordered... :/


I printed the Users Guide (887 pages) only. It's on 8.5" x 11" paper with two page images on each sheet. Since it's printed double sided, that's 4 images per piece of paper and should amount to 222 pieces of paper total.

Staples couldn't put a binding on something that thick so I split it in two, created a copy of the cover sheet for each of them and then wrote the chapter number on by hand. The one change that I would make if I was doing it again is to include copies of the Table of Contents and Index in each volume.

If I could find thinner paper, then maybe all of it could be bound together.

Now that I think of it, I probably printed this at work (shhhh!). I didn't have a laser printer at the time.

Hope this helps,



Oh yes...I have an internet connected copier at work. Great idea! Shhhh...mum's the word. LOL


Wanted to let every one know I ordered Andreas' All Command Help and OS Extension pack, about 22$US, and just got thru playing with it a little just now. Install was absolutely flawless and effortless, and the online help is great! Still going to get the printed manuals but I can highly recommend this "on-calculator" manual also. Thanks for a great product Andreas!


Hi Les,

thanks for the flowers.

This new online help that I wrote (and which I presented at
HHC 2011) is extremely flexible and extremely fast.

Almost anything that you would want from a help can be done with
it, that includes (but is not limited to) embedded graphics,
examples, hyperlinks to other help entries, stack diagrams, related
flags, etc., etc.

One could even publish the full manuals (with TOC and hyperlinks to
the paragraphs).

It is simply the question if such effort would ever pay-off, given
the disinterest of HP for their top-notch calculator.

And as I said a year ago:

With just some minor effort the 50g *could* be updated easily.

Although that might not be the dream-calculator (TM) it would at
least be *something* that would be available by *now*, instead of
the *nothing* we got.

But HP chose to do nothing...




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