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Hi all.

I have now become the proud owner of the Privileg SR54 NC. Alongside its sibling, my APF Mark 55, they make a good team. Although the Mark 55 came with a charger, this one did not. I'm tempted to use the APF charger but, that may not bet the wisest thing top do. What would you suggest I use as a charger for the Privileg SR54 NC?

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You can use the same charger, provided you have rechargeable batteries installed in the calculator. Both calculators use 3 AA batteries. I use 3 non-rechargeable AA alkaline batteries in my Privileg SR54NC calculators.

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Thanks for the endorsement. My first hunch was to use the APF charger but, I didn't want to assume the similarity would make it an okay conclusion.

On the other thought, are you using three 1.5V AAs. Bringing up a past topic--wouldn't the 4.5V input be too much? And, did you reconstruct the battery compartment/battery pack module to fit/accommodate the disposable type?

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The Privileg does not have any kind of battery pack module. It is designed to accept any high top AA batteries, be they NiCd, NiMH or alkaline. Although the German language manual specifies NiCd batteries, which are nominally 1.25 vdc, I've never had any problems using 1.5 vdc alkaline batteries in these or any other AA cell calculators, including the HP Woodstocks. The APF Mark 55, of course, has an internally wired NiCd battery pack with 3 cells, which is what I use in all 3 of mine. I have rebuilt all of the APF Mark 55 battery packs with NiCd flat top cells.


Well, after charging the Privileg with the APF charger, the Privileg does not turn on. I then tried three fresh AAs and no go that way either. Any thoughts?

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