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Hello all.

I have fortuitously recently acquired an APF Mark 55. as with its identical siblings the Corvus 500, Privileg SR54 NC and Omron 12SR, its featured with a Rectangular<-->Hyperbolic Polar conversion function. What would be some examples and application of Hyperbolic Polar coordinates and/or the conversion to/from the rectangular system?


In Physics 101, I remember using hyperbolic coordidates to determine the work performed by a perfect steam engine.

Try looking at this as a starting point:

Hyperbolic coordinates


Just stumbled onto that entry before I read your post. Thanks for the validation.


Apples and oranges.


Miller & Portokalos--Anita, Diane & Nick . Have fun with that.


Is this relevant to the APF Mark 55 or other calculators? Maybe I missed something.


Just a little joke in response to Michael de Estrada's 'apples and oranges' comment. If you've seen and memorized the script to 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding,' you'll get the joke.

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