HP Calculators in Youtube




Yes, at 0:38 you see an HP 35S being used to its highest potential--paperweight.




Y'know, the 35S does pack some computational and programming muscle. Yes, a 48G/S X, 42S/41C, 15C, 32SII are all mightier brethren but, the 35S is a pretty intelligent trooper. Besides, it was technically powerful enough for this K3 designer.

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...it was technically powerful enough for this K3 designer.

What is a K3?


Well, from what I could surmise from the video, the K3 is the yacht this guy was creating.

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The K3 is a 14 ft (4.2m) dinghy.

It is to a yacht what an HP35S is to an HP50G.

Wikipedia link


Okay. Thanks for the correction.


Actually a better comparison would be K3 = 50g; large yacht = Apple iPad.


No...Titanic = Apple iPAD.




thanks, I like learning new things on the internet.


Besides, it was technically powerful enough for this K3 designer.

Every single pixel of the CAD display that you see in that movie requires about 10,000 hours of continuous calculation of a pocket calculator. Not to speak of the CFD calculations required to develop the shape of the hull...

I too see that HP35S more as a paperweight than anything else. Mine has turned itself into one recently by completely draining its batteries from just lying on my desk untouched.


"Not to speak of the CFD calculations required to develop the shape of the hull... "

Hahaha! As if that would be worth a hill of beans anyway.




It would be a double insult if it was a paperweight in ALGebraic mode :-)


Well, I did post this earlier, but I guess I can boast again about being the only guy (or at least the first guy) in the world who has made HP, Sharp and Casio vintage machines "dance" and "sing" in a video.
So here goes again,


Even a 15C LE makes an appearance: I received it while recording the video, and thought "why not?"


Which one was the color printer? the Sharp?


All-in-all, a pretty cool video. What calculator was used for the LED digits? How many other video's can boast that many HP calculators in the same video?! ;-)



There are two LED displays, a TI 59 and a HP 32E.

The colour printer is indeed Sharp CE-150.

There's also a HP 41CV, with the printer (the one which prints the name of the song), then a Casio 602P, some other Sharps, PC 1403H, PC 1360, PC 1261, hmmm... I can't recall any longer, I'll have to watch the video again :)

And then in the mix, against the middle instrumental part, there's a Casio VL-1 as an integral part of the groove. As VL-1 had a 4 banger calculator built in, I guess we can count it as a calc too.

PS The record is out next week, and in some of the songs we have a ZX Spectrum featuring here and there. Now that's Sharp, Casio, HP, TI and Sinclair, all in it together, all in it for a good cause. Pretty romantic, I reckon.


Very nice stuff, very well made :-)





Here are mine about what you can turn your 50g to.


Software for your HP 50g




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