hp-il/hp-ib interface 82169A vs. C


the question was asked here a few years ago but not answered. so i'll try again:

what is the difference between the two versions 82169A and 82169C of the hp-il/hp-ib interface?

thank you for your help!




only a guess, but maybe it's a similar difference as with the HP 82163A vs. B video interfaces.

One was made for the US market, the other for some countries in Europe and maybe elsewhere;-)

The actual differences are an internal resistor bridge soldered in a different

way in the A and B versions, and a connector box for the A version.




Here is a link with pictures on the difference link


many thanks, ray and kerem! heureusement, je n'ai pas dormi pendant les lessons de français, at least not all the time...



The photos of the 82169C look exactly like a normal 82169A. So far we still don't know what functional differences, if any, exist between the normal "A" and "C" variants.

The photos of the 82169A option 001 (19255-60500) are the ones that are unusual. A normal 82169A has a masked-ROM microcontroller, just like the photos of the 82169C.

It would be great to get a better closeup view of the microcontroller with the piggyback EPROM, to see the markings on the microcontroller clearly, and a dump of the EPROM.

According to the almighty Google, the 19255-60500 (82169A option 001) is be part of an HP 5890 Series II gas chromatograph. It is unclear why a gas chromatograph would need nonstandard 82169 firmware.


Here is a detailled view of the micro:

It could be possible for me to read the EPROM, but I don't think it would learn us anything, without a reference to compare to.

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