Anybody else has received the new HP15CC


Has anybody received the new HP-15CC, HP-16CC?
How is the improvement on keyboard and general hardware?

Any comments will be very appreciated, as I'm interested on one, but, paying 100% in taxes and being the calculator unusable would be a very frustating situation.

Best regards,


Artur, I assume you mean the DM-15CC, not the HP-15CC? Michael has been shipping them out and a number of us should be able to provide a review for you soon. Pascal has received his and stated that he was impressed by the keyboard. Check out his comment posted on 7 July 2012.


Yes, Jeff, it is the DM-15CC.
I got one new HP release of 15C-LE, but, as it has some bugs and I haven't hear nothing about new firmware for fixing such bugs, I'm planning selling it and acquiring this small, powerfull and bugs free DM-15CC.


The cloned machines are marvels, to be sure, but even under the very best circumstances their keyboards render them suitable for occasional use only.

Also, I would expect substantial wear in the legends after moderate use.


the CN22 declaration can be a low value of maybe CHF20, especially good for Brazil...

just let me know!


I just got mine. I think it's a fantastic product, I have always wanted a credit card sized portable scientific. I was disappointed when the µCalc was shelved, and this one is surely better.

You cannot compare the keys to a full-size HP, but as this one is ultra-portable, you can have it in any pocket and always with you. It's comparing apples to oranges if you have an issue with the keys.
Come one, how else could you have it this thin!
They are a little slower to work with, but I don't really mind.
DaveJ had a different design on his µCalc, where you didn't even had a physical key you could press down, I don't think that would work so well . There are no other alternatives for this form factor if you want the keys to be labeled.


Mine arrived today. It is a beautiful little gadget, all the keys work and even my sausage fingers can press them one at the time.

But to be honest, I didn't buy it for everyday use. I support the idea of making these gems and I have been a HP fan since my HP25 many years ago. The 15cc appeals to my heart, that is reason enough to buy it.


That's my thinking, too. It's a chance to get something cool and support someone who created these for vintage HP fans. Looking forward to getting mine. I wish I had gotten the quick shipping.


same here. the 15c was my first HP calculator and i still remember the scent of the pouch! i think that every effort to keep this marvel of technology alive deserves to be supported. my 15cc arrived today, and it is so cute!


Mine arrived today, too. And yes, I have to agree, it is very cute :)
To be honest, the keyboard is better than I thought it would be. It won't replace my "daily driver" 15c, but it is nice to be able to carry such a small 15c around with you.

Very well done Michael!


They are indeed beautiful little gadgets. They're still not suitable for everyday use, IMO. The key presses are not guaranteed to register and it's much slower to hit the right keys.

These calculators are marvelous, modern-day collector items, comparable to the miniature working firearms or tiny operating cameras like those scale Leica replicas Minox licenses.

Enjoy them for the mere fact of their existence, but don't delude yourself: even the flawed 15C Limited Edition is vastly more suited for actual use.


Hi All,

I received my DM-15CC and DM-CC16 from Michael just a few days ago. I never got my hands on the previous versions, so I cannot comment on improvements/differences, but these are awesome. Of course, they're not suited for heavy work with their keyboard, but they're small, cute, functional, and an excellent demonstration of what it is possible to achieve. Long live the dedicated enthusiats :-D

Photo here: <>



Got my DM-15CC a few days ago as well. Just wanted to post a huge thank you to Michael for creating this wonderful little device. I've been searching my entire adult life for a small RPN, programmable, scientific calc, and you've managed to do it brilliantly. HP could learn a lot from you. Thanks again.


I still have not received mine. If it doesn't arrive by the end of this week, I'll check with Michael. It was supposed to ship priority.

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