I am back ;) with a problem on HP 41 ;(


Hi, glad to swing by and see the forum is still very alive. Last time I was here was in 2008. Was just going thr my calc collection ;)

Anyway, not sure what i did but i was messing around with the programs on my HP 41 CV. Somehow, i have managed to accidentally "merge" two programs which originally has "end" to each. They sit right next to each other in memory.

So it used to be when you do "catalog 1", it would list each program name then the word "end" then another prg name. Now when it comes to that prg, it would list that name but no "end" and immediately list the next name.

when you access program mode, you can see that somehow the two prgs are now continuous.

Hope I am making some sense. Much appreciated if anyone can tell me what i should do to be able to separate them and maybe also what I did wrong. I hate to have to delete the programs and re enter them. One of those two prgs only have like 25 steps, but the other one has over 300 steps!!! ;(

I tried to do GTO.. at the end of the first prog, but still not been able to separate the two ;(

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You obviously deleted the END instruction that separates one program from the next. So simply go to the last instruction of the first program and - in program mode - add it again:

[XEQ] [ALPHA] E N D [ALPHA]. That's all.



Thanks. Got it all working again. Unfortunately, while playing around with the hp 42s, I managed to machine reset and lost all the program on that one ;(... Suckss



If you get

[Machine Reset]
message, then memory is preserved.
[Memory Lost]
is the message that tells you so. Have you checked if memory has actually been lost, haven´t you had
[Memory Lost]
message indeed?


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I think so. The number of program steps avail is back to default ;(


Hi, again.

Is your HP42S a modified 32KRAM unit or a conventional 8KRAM? Just to have an idea of how much you had used, then.

I once had a complete electrical engineering set already stored on it when I trusted a battery seller to rep´lace them. Should I go ahead with the end of the story? Mine was a conventional 8KRAM back then.


Luiz (Brazil)

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sure ;). Mine has not been modded so still 6K mem


I have three HP 42S units. I've used one in particular almost daily since 1997 as my work calculator, with some amount of IR printer use that has required at least ten battery set replacements in 15 years.

I've never had a 'memory lost' condition since late 1997, when I tired of fiddling around with the HP 42S internal debugger/memory scanner. I never felt ill-used after losing memory like that...one deserves to lose memory when playing around below the user level with no sure knowledge of the consequences.

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