Re: resurrecting a 32E -my oldest so far


both methods work, I tried :)

now I appear to have corrsive damage to the conductor ribbon and charging/battery circuit board, broken leads in the battery compartment, no battery pack nor charger (of course), and an otherwise quite clean calculator.

since I need to replace the entirs power system from the conductive cable (about half of it- it didn't get down to the actual calculator board) on, I'm considering "restructuring" a bit. This may seem heretical, but It's not a NIB collector piece. It's that calculator I intend to use on tests where programmables are not permitted and someone is smart enough to see a 41/42/32 as programmable.

Am I correct in assuming that it uses 2 1.25 volt nicads, and the charger supplies ~3volts? (really low amps)


So Christof, *where* did you find a 32E? I haven't seen an HP calculator of any vintage for sale in Davis for years, not at All Things Right & Relevant (by Nugget), not at the used place on 3rd east of the railroad tracks (near the car wash), and not at *any* garage sale (the last one of those I got was a 41, many years ago).

Please pass on your secret, I *promise* not to tell anyone.


True enough, while there are a *lot* of HP calcs in Davis, they are mostly in use!

I confess that I took a cross country trip this weekend past and did some random stopping in flea markets and whatnots. This is a philadelphia goodwill find, actually.

I do browse the local second hand shops pretty often.

So, where in the great Sacramento River Valley are you?

The goodwill in belair, MD and lancaster, PA often have the most fantastic things (just a not for anyone who haunts those parts of the world)


hey neighbor; i have a spare spice charger. we have to get together again for that photocopying-trading binge some day soon. i've been working too much lately and lazy the rest of the time. - d


I've been going full speed, too. I've got bits for you, though. Need to start a photocopying spree.

Dunno if I really need a spice charger at this point, since I have to rebuild the whole power arrengement, I might just build with modern 3V?


I see why I haven't been finding any second hand HPs locally, you got there first! And MD? PA? Rats, that's 'way too far to check out.

Uhhhh, I'm out near Ray's Market (Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of, uhhh, Davis). Let's take this offline (, if you want to lunch sometime (I'm partial to Murder Burger, or whatever-the-heck it's called these days, and a former landlord runs London Fish & Chips). Alas, I don't have a Spice charger to tempt you, but we can each bring some toys to Ohh & Ahh over.


I'll pull it offline- but wanted to mention on the boards that we could get together with DB as well, on his next drive through?


Agreed, DB, please advise the next time you cruise through Davis CA. C & I seem to be best suited to Monday afternoons.


i'll be passing through the home of the aggies at about 5 pm this sunday with my sweetie. m thinks that my nerdy hobby is, well, nerdy. if theres beer at the fish and chips place she'll go but she might act like she dosn't know us.

if this dosn't work - then sometime soon. email me. if the subject has nothing to do with viagra, debt managment, body part enlargment, teenage bathroom cams, or refinancing my home i'll read it.


As far as I know, I'm not doign anything sunday afternoon beyond stats, chem, and psych. All of which are pretty variable and portable.

Beer, fish, chips, and fried snickers bars are all available.

Anyone else who cares to fly by should email me for location and specifics- it's about a block from border's.

We could attempt to have a digital camera present or something. Dave- want to have a "museum meets" section?


Send me a post card, pleeeease!

(that's all I can think of by now... teenage bathroom camera? Gee...)

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