Extended Memory in HP-41 Emulator


Is it possible to load an extended memory rom image into the HP-41 Emulator? I haven't seen any extended memory images or the HEPAX Memory images either.

Bill Hemphill


I am not sure what do you mean by 'Extended Memory ROM Images'. Extended memory is a kind of RAM, not ROM, isn't it? There are few HP-41 Emulators out there. In which one are you interested?



I think he means the ROM Image from the Extended Functions/Memory Module. This module contains a number of useful commands as well as the Extended Memory RAM.



Extended Functions/Memory module is fully suported under HP-41X emulator ...


I do mean RAM. I should have said X-Memory, that gives
additional registers. Likewise, the Hepax Memory module
gives additional memory.

I'm using the V41 emulator on the PC and the Coconut emulator on the Sony Clie. Both allow for use of the various ROM image files to access varous modules.

I'd like to also use the x-memory modules or Hepax memory modules. Is this possible??

Bill Hemphill


Dear HP-41 emulator enthusiasts,

remember that X-Memory is different from additional RAM of the Hepax-Module or from a RAM-Box (W&W) or from a Ram Storage Unit (Eramco). It would be nice if RAM would be availlable also for an emulator. This means a virtual RAM-Box feature....

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph

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