DM-15CC family is available to order


For those interested, the DM-15CC is available to order again, and it looks like you can order the entire Voyager family now, not just the -15. I ordered a -15 this morning. Web site is

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I can confirm your observations. Got an email this morning.


I just ordered mine (DM-15CC)... But the link to order doesn't work using "internet explorer" ... I had to use "Mozilla Firefox"... Perhaps this may help someone here in Brazil.


Olá Jamil,

I've just ordered mine (using Chrome here). Thank you all!


It won't work with IE and I don't have other browsers, so I just paid Michael Steinmann directly.


The first couple of tries earlier today (using IE8) would not move on from the order page, but third attempt just now worked OK. Not sure if something has been fixed in the meantime or some other cause.


Hi, Jamil.

Did you receive my e-mail, 41CL related?




Hello, Luiz.

Yes, and I returned to adress I received, .....[at]rerigueri[dot]com[dot]br,

I'll try this l/i/n/u/x _ l/c/v (at) y a h o o DOT c\o\ just right now,



Cool! I ordered an HP-10C and an HP-11C.



I chuckled when I saw that you can actually order a "DM-XXCC", which gives you one of each of the 5 types of calculators. It appears we have been tagged for what we truly are - a bunch of techno-geeks. We climb that technical mountain simply because it is there (my apologies to Petrarch).


Also, in case anyone besides me is curious, I emailed Michael about which version of the V6 ROM is loaded into the -15. He confirmed that it is the standard V6 ROM, not the MEM80 or MEM1B. So if you are interested in accessing the expanded memory, you will need to load the MEM80 or MEM1B ROM version yourself via the USB port.


Jeff, you got me wrong. I wrote you the dm-15cc comes with the MEM80 V6 version installed.


So, is that the same as what I received in the first DM-15CC release ?

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Michael, I went back and re-read your email. My apologies - I got that totally backwards. Thank you for setting the record straight.


You save CHF46 if you buy all five for CHF299! I could not resist--I'm so weak.

I do have to brag a little. I provided the donor calculator that Michael used to extract the HP10C ROM.

Mark Hardman

Houston, TX


I nearly did that too. And then decided to go for a 15C only.


I can still go for the set later and have a second 15c ;)


I was tempted to order a 10C since I don't have a "real" one--I do have a 15C--but I was unable to convince myself of the logic of that and ended up ordering a 15C instead. But yet, somehow I still want one of those, too... .


I managed to keep it at the HP-15C and HP-16C, even though I have an original of both, and a 15C LE I haven't had the heart to take out of the box (might have to get another for throwdown).

I don't have an HP-10C or 11C, but I think I can get buy with getting just the originals of those. :)


Mark, thanks again for the 10C.
In fact your donation made us extract all the ROMs (except for the 16C which we don't have yet).
I would like to offer you a free calc of your choice, please let me know which one you'd like.
If anyone is willing to lend me a 16C for ROM extraction I would really appreciate it.

BTW, check out this picture of how David captured the ROM:

The additional capacitors seen were used to slow it down.


I'm sure that others would be interested in the technical details of how you dumped the ROMs. Did you use the self-test method similar to what Eric Smith described in this thread?

I've already bought and paid for the full DM-XXCC set. I'll send an email requesting another DM-15CC. I'll donate that unit to HHC as a door prize at this year's conference in (fingers crossed) Houston.

Mark Hardman


I'm sure that others would be interested in the technical details of how you dumped the ROMs.

It is fairly trivial given the available documentation of
the NUT ISA protocol. The reason I held off releasing my
notes/schematics/code was out of concern of voyager rom copyright
status from HP's perspective, where effectively doing so would
enable unauthorized image distribution.

Although I'd been led to believe otherwise in my discussions
with HP, that concern may have been exaggerated. Empirically
HP doesn't seem particularly motivated to assert nor defend a
copyright claim. That possibly could change w/r/t a 12C clone
as that version remains in production.

Disclaimer: IANAL nor have any affiliation with HP.


Hi, I'm on holidays just now ... so, I will respond with some possibly interesting details of our ROM scanning later.
Stay tuned :)



The additional capacitors seen were used to slow it down.

You shouldn't necessarily need to lower the LC tank resonance
of a self clocked NUT,
or intrude beyond three strategically placed needle probes.
The raw ISA rate is relatively lethargic and I recall acquiring
images from self-clocked voyagers using a 20Mhz SoC. As the CXISA
image scan is cyclic, it is possible to dump an incrementally acquired
segment and then retrigger on the next CXISA sweep at the point
where the prior acquisition left off.

Moreover the NUT is a fully static design which can be clocked
at whatever frequency is convenient for the task at hand.
This characteristic was particularly useful when creating
a poor man's ICE of sorts to puzzle through
emulation of NUT rotate-22 semantics in KEMU.


Sent you an email re: HP-16C extraction.


I was so weak, too! ;-)
The waiting begins.



I wonder if the bug in the 15cc where sometimes it just loses power and resets all data - has it been fixed?

I plan to order an 16CC soon.


yes, that has been fixed. A capacitor parallel to the pullup resistor on the reset wire does it - anything bigger than 0.1nF is fine.
Adding it to those of the first batch is fairly easy.


Can you supply details of the fix? Would that be R1 or R8?

Either a component number or a picture with the resistor location circled would be sufficient. A picture of a modified 1st batch machine would be even better.

Many thanks...


Hallo Michael!

Was this fixed somewhere in the first batch already? I've never faced this problem, but maybe we have enough moisture in Germany to not develop static charges ;-).

Nonetheless, I second Neils request for a picture.

Another question: Were you able to improve the keyboard?



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Another question: Were you able to improve the keyboard?

I'm interested in the answer to this question. I've got one from the very first batch with completely useless keyboard. Is there a way those to be fixed or replaced?

Edit: cleaning my paypal account I found a message from Michael from the time of first release offering ways to fix the keyboard which I have missed.

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I've got one from the very first batch with completely useless keyboard.
Same here. As much as I admire what those guys did, this is what makes the difference between a usable calculator and decoration :-/.

no, this "body capacitor discharge problem" was not fixed in the first batch. It seems to happen to some devices more often than on others.

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And the exchange rate to the dollar is more favorable than it had been.


ordered a 15. looking forward to installing a larger memory version if it will work with ubuntu.


I ordered a 16CC and look forward to getting it. I own 2 15C LEs and a 32s so I think I'm set on scientific calcs for a long time to come.


I just received my DM-15cc and I was impressed by the keyboard. I was expecting the kind of keyboard that you find in those credit card calculator, with imprecise keying. But they managed to reproduce a kind of click effect that you find with the original series and it it rather precise. You have to press a little too hard on the keys in my opinion in order to get the contact, but I prefer this to the imprecise feeling with other credit card calculator.

The leather pouch is nice and does not look cheap at all.

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