OT and TAS related, but ... What Unisonic Models are shown in this auction picture?


Please pardon this posting, but I'm not trying to help this be sold and it isn't mine. :-)

But, what Unisonic models are shown in this ad picture from an old catalog?

Looks like the Unisonic 799, the 1299 and then one other one with apparent scientific functions at the top that I don't recognize? I know the one near the bottom left. The one unknown to me is near the top of the picture.


I think there are some Unisonics out there that do not have pictures anywhere. I know (for example) that the Unisonic 1499 has hyperbolic functions --- and I own the only one I have ever seen! Does anyone else have the 1499?

So, those two questions. And, apologies for TAS subject...but inquiring minds want to know! Link:

Link to Catalog auction

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These are guesstimates, as the numbers are very hard to read.

The calculator in question is probably the "Unisonic Deluxe Financial Pocket Calculator 766"


I agree they are hard to read...he wants to sell the advertising page. :-)

I had never heard of the 766 model. Where did you hear of it? Any idea where a picture might be found (other than this advertising page)? :-)

thanks for the help


Uh, I never heard of it, either.

That was just a quote of the headline of the calculator description, found on the left side, point "(C) - this does correspond with the calculator position above.

Reconsidering the name, it might be 764 or 76G as well.

If my eyes don't fool me, it goes on like "Calculates yield, line payments, etc., Margin, percentages, secure ??? ??? decimal and constant. Full 4 function capacity (+ - X :) With batteries, case. Wt 2 lbs Reference $84,50"

Corrections welcome :)

I find it astounding that it even came with the basic 4 functions :)


Sorry if I misunderstood the problem. Using IE or Firefox you can easily enlarge the image by subsequently pressing "ctrl" and"+". After doing so you can easily read the description and decipher most of the keys.

To return to default resolution press "Ctrl" and "0".


PS: Nashville or Houston?


The picture was of too low a resolution, even when enlarged, for me to be sure of the model number.

Announcement of HHC within 2 days.


Strange, did you scroll down to the larger image to enlarge that one?

Here we go, the 4 calculators in the top row are annotated A through D, the remaining three calculators in vertical alignment are annotated E through G.

A= TI Electronic Slide Rule Calculator SR-16-2
B= Unisonic 12-Digit Super scientific Calculator 1299
C= Unisonic Deluxe Financial Pocket Calculator 766
D= Rockwell Scientific Slide Rule Calculator 63R
E= Unisonic Deluxe Scientific Pocket Calculator 799
F= Rockwell Slide Rule Memory Calculator 31R
G= Unisonic Deluxe "Phantom II" Slide Rule Calculator 849

HTH - 2 days sounds good, I'll be there :-)


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