The smallest HP conference


I managed to participate in the smallest "conference" I've ever attended, with the highest calculator to person ratio probably ever acheived!

I drove across country this weekend to near Philadelphia to deliver one of the final 17Bii calcs to Randy Sloyer. Granted, I also drove to deliver honey and a car to another friend, but the 17Bii odyssey is more fun :)

We had present at least:
3 HP42Sen (2 with 32k ram)
the aforementioned 17Bii (Which I imagine will get 32k)
one HP28S,
a 48S and 48GX
a 20S and 38G (both of which I didn't even get out)

The conversation was good- as was the opportunity to meet one of the list members.

"We oughtta do this more often"

(on another note, my friend's autistic daughter loves the 38G- andis doing well with it)



Do not bother to add 32K to your 17B. It will not recognize the extra RAM, but remain at 7K. Just advice from someone who tried. Of course if you can code in a memory routine, you might get it to recoginize the extra RAM, but you only have a solver, and no advanced programming available.

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