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I have the chance to purchase an HP82143A printer to go with my HP41CV system. It's from a US supplier and would come without battery pack or AC adaptor/charger.

I already have an HP82067B adaptor which is specified for use here in the UK: 220v AC in, 8v AC 8VA output.

Does anyone know:

1) Is the HP82067B suitable for use with the HP82143A printer?

2) If "Yes", can I simply plug it into the printer to run it, or do I have to have a battery pack installed first.

3) If the latter, does anyone know of a source of battery packs?

Grateful for any help.



The printer requires more power than the standard adapter can deliver, so unless you can hook it up to a regulated DC power supply that can source sufficient amperage, you will need a battery pack.

I found a supplier of new battery packs on TAS.

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Thanks - so it looks like I always have to have the battery pack installed.

Do you know if my AC adaptor is suitable? I think is must be because, after a bit of research, I see it was supplied with the HP41 rechargeable pack and with the printer.

By the way, the output is rated at 3VA, not 8VA - the printing was a bit small to read :)

Edit: one further question - if, as you say, the adaptor can't power the printer on its own, how does it manage to re-charge the pack and power the printer at the same time - something that's implied in the handbook?


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Edit: one further question - if, as you say, the adaptor can't power the printer on its own, how does it manage to re-charge the pack and power the printer at the same time - something that's implied in the handbook?
This works since most of the time the printer does not print;-)


Yes, your adaptor will work on this printer and also recharge the battery.

See here for a list of suitable chargers for various Hp equipments.




Thank you - I just discovered I have 3 of these AC adaptors!!

Battery packs are available on eBay, so I think I can safely purchase the printer.




When I first started using an HP82143A back in the 80's I actually fried my unit (I still feel angry about that...) by simply forgetting the battery pack outside of it. I removed the battery pack it because I would not use the printer for about a month - no printer paper, no money to by it... - and when I got the little rolls I simply plugged the AC adapter in and turned it on. The power LED came to life but the BAT LED did not blink. Then I remembered the battery pack was in the printer box (I kept the box!) so I turned it off and inserted it.

The printer never worked again, I had to send it to HP for repair. When it was returned I noticed they changed one of the IC's, which is the one closest to the power circuit. At that time I just felt too sorry for that because I spent a lot of money to pay for the repair. I saved the printer paper for using only when it was demanded because I knew I'd be saving for a while...

Please, do not risk using your printer with the AC adapter and no batteries inside. I do not know if the original IC that blew in mine was faulty or if it was an earlier design that could not work without the batteries while connected to the AC adapter, but I will not call it. I have three working HP82143A - one of them needs new rubber paper tractors - included the one described above, but I tell you I never plug the AC adapter in any of them prior to make sure there is a battery pack correctly installed: the BAT LED must blink!


Luiz (Brazil)



Thank you for the warning. I just noticed in the handbook a large message which says:

"The battery pack must be in the printer while the AC adapter/recharger is connected. Failure to do so could damage the printer"

I guess you discovered the hard way!

Is failure of the rubber tractors a common problem on this printer?



Hi, Steve.

I guess you discovered the hard way!
I sadly agree with that... The worse of all is that I was aware of that, I just forgot to check it (d*** it!).

About paper tractors: the original ones may tend to melt or to become fragmented after some years (tens). Of the three ones I have, two still have the original rubber tractors (silicon based, perhaps), but in the third one it has just a few traces of them. Paper is not pulled at all, it passes loosely in front of the printer head.

Some guys here know how to repair it, I tell you I did not find the time yet to chew some repairing instruction guidelines prior to do so...

Cheers and success!

Luiz (Brazil)

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I can attest, as an owner of your printer, as well as the 82162A HP-IL version and an HP97 calculator, that a battery pack capable of holding at least some charge is needed for proper operation. Either that or a direct 4.8V DC supply to the little contacts in the battery compartment. I have recently taken to fashioning my own battery packs out of sub C NiMH cells with tabs, so I can assure you that the contact roughly in the centre of the compartment is the positive one if you want to MacGyver some sort of external 4.8 to 6V DC source and clip it on.

As for the TAS supplier in question, I can attest that Mark Hoskins (waterhosko) makes a fine product indeed. The packs are not contained in the OEM black casing, but he shrink wraps the cell packs very tightly and pads the ends so the fit is good enough. Indeed, his design is what I use in my own packs, and bought several of Mark's other packs that do the job very well.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks everyone for your help. I bought the printer complete with re-built battery pack, and will use my UK charger with it. Now just awaiting delivery!

Thanks again,

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