HP49 PocketGuide in German / Italian / Spanish / French / Portuguese



I am looking for the electronic document of the HP49 PocketGuide in the
languages German / Italian / Spanish / French / Portuguese.

Preferable in MS-Word format or as PDF. Otherwise any other file
format will be fine, too.

The PDF version of it was on the CD that once came with the 49G.

If you are able to share them, please send them to me.






Hallo, Andreas.

I do not know if a Portuguese version of the HP49G Pocket Guide was released. At least in Brazil I saw many people with some HP49's with English and Spanish written manuals - cannot tell you if they were actually bought here in Brazil.

The two units I have were not bought here, so I do not have any printed, original HP49G documentation in Portuguese. I'd also add that the first one I got, right after it was introduced, came only with the basic Owner's manual in printed version. About a couple of years later I got the second unit, which came with both the user's manual and the reference guide printed, along with an English written Pocket guide.

I'd guess that as the electronic versions of the manuals became available on-line in several languages, their printed versions would not be easily found. And chances are that both CD's I have are the same as yours - both of mine are identical with each other.


Luiz (Brazil)

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