HP41 serial communications/"compiler"/assembler


I have been working on my communications program over the past few days and I have it to the point (after a complete rewrite in Delphi) where it seems to be pretty stable. Also my "compiler" is coming along nicely. I just finished writing it and will start testing this weekend. I believe that it is generating the correct bytecode but until I actually send output to the 41 I won't know.

To those of you that I have already sent stuff to -- this is a much more solid solution. Also I have taken into account the fact that I am developing on a 21" monitor at 1600x1200 resolution (some of you may not have been able to see much of the dialog -- sorry). Still does not have help but it does not trap nearly as much and it has a few extra features.

I am not willing to distribute at this time, but if anyone is interested please send me a note and I will try to get around to putting your names on a mailing list.

Marwan Joury

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