Converting 2225 A,C or D to 2225B ??


Does anyone know if it is realistic to combine parts from a 2225 A, C, or D type printer with a broken 2225 B printer to restore the latter? I have a 2225B which has mechanical problems, but whose HP-IL electronics appear to be OK. I read somewhere else in the Forum that the various versions of the 2225 sometimes contained internal HP-IL interfaces. So I'm wondering if I could "transplant" the HP-IL rear panel and electronics of my 2225B to another 2225 which was in good mechanical condition? Anyone have any knowledge about this? Thanks!


The first thing to be aware of is that because the 2225B (and for that matter the 2225P) are battery-powered, they use different (lower voltage) stepper motors to the A, C, or D models. So you can't swap the entire mechanism between a -B and anything else.
The mechanical parts (gears, carriage, tapewire, etc) are the same on all Thinkjets. You could use such parts from any model to repair a -B. The stepper motors are held to the mechanism by obvious screws, so it's easy to swap them over to put the lower voltage ones on the mechanism that ends up in the -B.
The 2225A (HPIB), but not the -C or -D does have a sort-of HPIL interface internally between the HPIB board at the back and the rest of the printer. It would be possible to rescue the HPIL pulse transformer, connector, and associated components from a -B and make a little interface to fit in place of the HPIB board. THis would give you a mains-powered HPIL printer -- not strictly a -B.
What's the problem with your -B? With more information I can probably tell you what parts you can rescue from where.


I was wondering the same thing, can parts be swapped?

My -B model carriage moves across the page as usual but does not print. Print Carriage is not blocked, but are past suggested usage date. Actually, they are out of the printer and now are leaking ink.

When it did work a couple of letter points did not spray ink.



Do you know about the procedure for priming the Thinkjet cartridge? Take the cartridge out of the printer (lower the bail and lift the cartridge out) and hold the cartridge with the inkjet port area facing up. Push a rod such as a paper clip wire into the hole in the clear plastic to put pressure on the rubber bladder until the surface of the inkjet port area is covered with ink, then release the pressure and let the ink be drawn back into the cartridge. You can then gently wipe the inkjet port area with a tissue. I have unclogged the inkjet ports by performing the priming procedure and then wiping with a damp tissue, repeating one or a few times if needed. If the cartridge is leaking ink, there might be ink on the electrical contacts - the pads at the opposite end of the glass plate from the inkjet ports. You can clean these, and the mating contact fingers in the printhead carriage, with a cotton swab dampened with isopropyl alcohol.

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