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Hello all.

With the news of the 15C LE being discontinued. BUT the 12C, 17bII+ and 50G still active, are there any ideas of where HP is going with its scientific and graphing calculator product lines?


Ask Tim that question at HHC 2012, after you sign the non-disclosure agreement.


That disheartens me that the 15C is discontinued.

I hope we see the HP 39GII on the shelves soon (back to school?)


Y'know. I've wondered about that 39g II ever since there was thread about it a couple of months ago. Secondly, being that I never saw it in the US HP webstore, I thought the 39g II was an overseas product only especially because I didn't see availability of it in the US HP store.

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What source told you that the 15C LE is being discontinued? Unless it is an official statement by HP (but NOT just a stock indication on their e-commerce site), I wouldn't believe it.


Sorry, but wasn't there a post here within the last couple of weeks that mentioned that the 15C LE was discontinued? Take a look at Steve Fennell's post in this thread:

Guess What? The Bottom Dropped Out of

Also, I just checked and the 15C LE was not even listed.


I wouldn't bet a cent on what says. We've seen it listing and unlisting calculators without any real background - or (as someone else used to say about computer games) with a "realism factor" set to 0.01 ;-)


My post was speculation based on the fact it's no longer listed for sale on HP's website. And it has not been listed for a while so this is not some website malfunction. I don't believe that for a second. I doubt the 15C LE sold more than 30,000 units. Not a successful product in this day and age. I still bought a few anyway.

Frankly in my opinion HP is going toward it's own "Kodak moment". But it was nice while it lasted.

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I had a bookmark to the 15c LE at HP's website for most of last year. I had given up getting one since they were out of stock for most of last year. By the time they had them in stock continuously I had mostly lost interest. I finally decided a couple of weeks ago to get one, and found that my bookmark was redirected to the front page of There wasn't a page that said "Out of Stock" - there was no longer a 15c page at all.

Browsing and searching for it turned up no page for the 15c anywhere on the home web store. I also noticed that the 30b was gone from the home store too.

Today I found the 15c page at the Business web store and it's not available for purchase. Clicking the "Buying Options" link takes you to a page entitled "Buying options for discontinued products". I'd say that's pretty good evidence that the "Limited" in "Limited Edition" has now been exercised. I wouldn't expect there to be any official announcement from HP that the 15c was discontinued. Considering how they handled all of the communication leading up to and during its release, letting its limited run silently come to an end would be exactly what I'd expect from them.

My bigger concern was that the 30b is no longer on the home store site. It is still available from the business site, and I picked up an extra one from Amazon to make a v3 WP34s. With it gone from the home store though I wonder if its days are numbered too. I don't see anything in their current lineup that would be the next candidate for a WP34s conversion. Is there any rumor of a new model that can be re-flashed? I'm aware that the 12c could be, but it doesn't have much of a display to work with for a WP34s-type project.


A rather dismal performance and not what you'd expect from the company that at one time produced the best scientific handheld calculators. The HP15C LE never showed up in Canadian stores, for which we should be thankful as we have enough Asian trash arriving on our western shores courtesy of earlier seismic events.


Is there any rumor of a new model that can be re-flashed?
39GII, but there's no development kit as Tim said.


Too large anyway :-/


The 15CLE may or may not be discontinued. However, to underline what Eric said, trying to read HP's tea leaves by watching their commerce site isn't just a stretch, it's almost guaranteed to create a false impression. We've seen all sorts of whacky and wonderful gyrations on the calculator pages over the years. The folks that run the website apparently struggle to keep one foot in the real world. Sometimes they lose their footing altogether. :)


Education, apparently. The need for conformance to some tests made the 35s possible and a 42SII impossible. Entering the schools were the reason to print the HP logo on calculators like the 30S.

In terms of markets, HP is where HP wants to be since long: Education and finance. In the first place I wonder what the 15C LE was for. Was it just for their reputation in the professional market? A gift to a small community like ours, 'enforced' by the calculator group?


are there any ideas of where HP is going with its scientific and graphing calculator product lines?

Is there a HP scientific calculator product line anymore at all? Please indicate ;-/


Er...the 50g???



Er...the 50g???

Matt was talking about HP's scientific and graphic product lines. I think you agree on the 50g belonging to the latter ;-)


To clarify, I consider the graphing calcs in the scientific models category. Perhaps I should differentiate the two genres as such they are--scientific and graphing.


Well, their website currently lists three models that are called "Scientific Calculator". The 10s, the 33s, and the 35s. The 10s looks like one of the nicest Casios to ever have an HP logo painted on it.

I think the answer to your question is "No".


If I remember well what Tim said about calcs disappearing from web site.

It depends on:

- people breathing too hard in computers room

- fog thinkness

- age of captain

- and other things related to dark side of the force

So, don't conclude too quick.




I don't care about the future of HP calculators - only about the past!

Edit: That did not say what I mean. I don't care about future HP calculators. I do care about the future of old ones.

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