HP-28S New in Box - went for $205



Leoglyph was the winner of the auction...

I took a look at his feedback summary...it appears that he has one piece of neutral feedback; he won a bid on behalf of a friend but pulled out afterwards...in his repsonse, he said that he paid compensation to the seller...so at least he's conscientious!!!

P.S. Another 28S went for $117.50 this evening...I think I'm going to sell one of mine!!!


Scuba........... so why did you bid the price of this one up on Leo if you are a net seller?

Are you trying to help set records?


Because I was going to sell one to a friend of mine (he used to have one in uni until it was stolen), but he didn't like one of mine...

I figure that he couldn't find better than one that is "new in box" so I was bidding...he's currently in Asia on business and didn't respond to any of my emails, so I was taking a chance...as the price got higher, I started getting worried, then I figured I should stop.

I usually wait until the last 15 mins. to place my bid, however, it was a Saturday night, so I did my best before I went out :)



There are too many HP-28S in eBay with various conditions. I think your friend will be able to get one with a much lower price. If your friend does not want to buy a used one, he can choose a more powerful HP-48GX. I prefer HP-48GX to HP-28S because the former's keyboard is less difficult to handle.

I am not sure whether Leo is lucky or not. One guy bid the same price as Leo did in his last bid in dying seconds. Maybe this guy did not want to bid higher or he could not manage to bid higher within 10 seconds before auction ended.

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