POWER_CL Manual now available


The subject says it all -thanks to Monte for hosting it on his CL site; you can get it

The manual is an update to the previous CLUTILS manual, covering the new functions and all the important functionality. With numerous examples and usage instructions it should provide a good overview of the (many) module capabilities.


Edited to add three new links, for the manual, the QRG and the Constants_Library:




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Thanks Angel! I know writing the docs can be tedious. But we appreciate it!



Hi Ángel,

I just managed to install the Power CL module in my 41CL. It works like a charm!

I used the serial port (special thanks to Raymund Wiker for his CLWrite program) and loaded LIBRARY4 as well as the POWER_CL ROMs into the 41CL's (V2) RAM. Thereafter, the addresses of the modules were attached to the entry points of the different pages of the MMU - a little complicated procedure but absolutely worth the effort.

Beforehand, I had to strip the Power CL ROMs from the MOD file you provided at TOS. Perhaps, it would be more comfortable to provide the ROM files directly.

Gran obra, Ángel! Es muy apreciada.




Way to go Frido! Congrats on getting it all configured, yes it´s a little involved but being an advanced module has its toll. It´s a great exercice that gives you more knowledge on the CL capabilities, anyway.

Yes the ROM files should also be posted, I´ll submit them as well. In the mean time pls. provide feedback as you get familiar with the functions and its capabilities.



Angel - As I look over the Lib4 docs I'm wondering what the setup
would be for the Clonix transfer method you wrote on PP10.

Since the CLUTILS4H has been superseded by the PowerCL
and that the PowerCL requires 8K I know that the values would be different.

As you might have guessed I'm a bit new to the Clonix-Lib4-PowerCL world...;-)

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Richard, the procedure for Lib#4 is the same - no changes. PowerCL was a little trickier but actually we´re in luck because Diego has recently released a new version of ClonixConfig with bank-switching functionality.

With the new version configuring the Library#4 and the PowerCL is a breeze, just selecting the proper addresses and banks - no need for manual edit of the ASM files or recompiling.

will look for the link and add it to this post.

Cheers, 'AM

Edited to add the link:


and another one on the same subject:


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Thanks Angel, the document is really well written. I will be installing this weekend.
Best Regards


Thanks for the pointers Angel!


Edited: 27 June 2012, 6:16 p.m.


Thanks Angel. I have successfully installed Library4 and POWERCL. WOW! :-)
Thanks for all the hard work. With Unit conversions included, this is really useful.
I will continue to explore and enjoy.
Best Regards

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