Greetings from an old new guy


Finally opened an account here this morning, although I spent many, many hours over the past couple of weeks happily reading content, especially the messages,

I purchased an HP-67 fairly early on (1977), which I still have, and entered the HP-41 world in the early 80's with a CV, then a CX. The CV suffered broken screw posts during a fall in 1990 and has reposed in a drawer ever since; the CX is still my workhorse, near my right hand as I type this. Was a member of PPC and quickly purchased PPC ROM and eventually ZEN ROM, both of which I still have.

I have questions and comments, but for now I'll simply say "hi, all".



Hello Michael,

Nice to have you back. We love to hear from old PPC members. I hope you are also keeping up with the new graphing calculators. As you may or may not know, HP has an online newsletter, which Richard Nelson (now this should be a familiar name too) edits (and writes for too).

We hope that you will attend the HHC2012 the last weekend of September (announcement from the conference committee regarding the location will be made soon) so we can say hello in person. These annual conferences are a blast!!! My wife calls the geek-fest and she is right in saying so!!

Again, welcome back!



Nice to see you here too. :-)




Hi you, too!


Luiz (Brazil; lurking around since 2001)

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Welcome back to a seasoned veteran


Thank-you for the welcomes. (Warm, fuzzy feeling... kinda like academia.)


Welcome back, Michael, to a PPC member!


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