I just received a HP-86 with disk drives and printer from an eBay sale.
However I do not have the monitor.
My question is: which type of monitor goes with this old computer. The video connector is of the "jack" type (not multiple pins as with present computers). I guess this must be a monochrome composite monitor (what is "composite monitor" anyway). Where to find?

Mark Vandemeulebroucke


You can use the composite video input (the yellow RCA jack)on the back of your TV. The text mode will be full height and the graphic mode will be in letterbox due to the desinger's desire to have square pixels. I did not connect my HP-86 to a television but did connect the HP Monitor to my VCR as a demonstration for my sons and the picture looked fine, just a little green. ;-)


It's a standard, US scan rate, composite monochrome monitor. Composite just means that the sync signals and video are combined into a single signal, rather than using separate wires for each of them.
Such monitors were very common about 15 years ago (and probably are still made -- they have many applications). If you have a TV that can handle US rates (60Hz vertical, 15750Hz horizontal) and which has a composite (aka 'baseband') input then most likely you can use that. In Europe, there's a composite video input on the SCART connector fitted to just abotu all modern TVs.

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