OT: functional picture of an ARISTO M27


It is not an HP, it is not UPN, it just looks like the first german pocket calculator. And it works.

Click here and get a ZIP with an abstract in Enlish, a description in German, and an EXE that should do on Windouze PCs.



Dennert & Pape ARISTO, Hamburg, Germany, was the world's largest manufaturer of slide rules (more than 1000 different models, 1872-1978). It is perhaps less known that they also offered calculators (21 models, 1972-78). From 4-bangers to advanced scientific/statistic with hyperbolic functions. Very well made and sturdy. I own two scientific specimens, still operating perfectly. Only disadvantage: they are algebraic :-(


Alas it is not RPN, but(!) - you must see the big advantage - like all slide rules it has no Y2k problem. ;)


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