USB-41->NoV-64/Clonix-D compatibility


Hi all,

Although a note will be included in the ClonixConfig manual (for v.3.5) it may be worth to mention it here in advance:

Any NoV-64 or Cloni-D module can be configured in a USB-41-like fashion. You can the select up to 8 pages to be placed "all-in-a-row", for example to accomodate Ángel's LIBRARY#4 SW.

Only drawback (will be corrected soon) is that -PRINTER- will be included at page #6... and, obviously, you won't have USB-82143A printing capabilities... :-(

Anyhow I hope NoV-64 and Clonix-D users find this compatibility feature useful.



The versatility of your modules continues to amaze!

I plan on eventually purchasing both the Clonix-D and the USB-41 modules eventually and look forward to playing with these new toys when I get them!




Diego, can you point me to some info on Clonix-D, and how it differs from NoV-64? Your website doesn't have a link dedicated strictly to it, though I know it has been around for a few years too. Is it the same as NoV-2E7?

Thanks for fielding this beginner question.



Hi Les,

This might help. I had trouble finding it too. Must be early onset
blindness or some such on my part.

Comparison Chart


Hi all,

Thanks for your kind words Marwan. Of course you're welcome to include Clonix-D and USB-41 among your HP-41 gear... just mail me at your best convenience.

Note however that USB-41 may take a while since first batch (20 units) was sold-out, but be sure more will come... :-)

You're right Les, Clonix-D is poorly documented except, may be, for the Comparative Chart pointed out by Marwan (Thanks BTW... ;-) and a small note in the ClonixConfig manual.

Its concept is so simple that it is very little what I can add to these references, just summarize that is it a Double sized Clonix-41 module (12 pages instead of 6) which can act like if they were two different Clonix's depending on the port it is plugged into.

Since it's built using the same processor used in NoV-46 and USB-41 modules, it can also share some of the configuration options of these "big brothers" with inherent limitations since Clonix-D is an "only-ROM module".

NoV-2E7 is (was) a 128K RAM project. Natural succession after NoV-64 (hence its name: 2E7=128). Two prototypes were built and they work as expected. Regrettably the RAM chips required to build this module were early retired from production by the manufacturer due to a high rate of failure at silicon waffer level. So, for now, it's a dead end, let's see if a compatible (and reliable) RAM chip appears in the future... :-)

Best wishes from Tropic of Cancer.


PS. Les, Checked yesterday with my friend, your shipment arrived in good shape last week. Thanks and again my apologies for the inconveniences with your first programmer.


Ah, I get it! Two Clonices, no Hepax, no RAM. And it looks like USB-41 is analogous to Clonix-D, only with 8, not 12, user accessible ROM pages.

Worth thinking about...

I am glad that parcel arrived. I sent it without tracking or insurance to cut costs, so I am relieved you got it.


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