An American thing?


I notice that, on e-bay (that's not's a 32sii for sale to Europe only and the bid price has not yet exceeded $50 (sale terminates in 20 hours as I write this). Admittedly, it's a bit dodgy as the vendor has posted a photo of the old 32sii even though he's selling the new type. And, of course, the spiel is in German.

So, are these high prices which people are paying solely as a result of US buyers or does most of the world use the .com version rather than their local one?


Hi, I am in the UK amd have been looking in both the .com and sites.

most items can be viewed and bought from both sites.

The prices are higher in the USA probably because you have more disposable income, there are many more collectors over your side of the pond (also MANY more calculators available) and the HP calulator hype (most of it deserved) is much more prevalent in the USA.

Also this web site is a big cause of the increasing interest in HP calculators, so it is a double-edged sword for enthusiasts.

It's like finding a beautiful place out in the country to visit, which is quickly spoilt by too many people wanting to share the experience if you go home and spread the news about your find. I just wish I had bough more of the calculators a few years ago!

Best Wishes for the UK...


Ooops... sorry the finish didn't sound good, I meant to type:

Best wishes from the UK...

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