HP 41CL version 1 and 2, questions


You are probably wondering why a beta tester would be asking basic questions.

Well, I have been away from playing with the CL for so long that I have forgotton most of what I do not remember!

With that in mind, I have been using the 41CL, but it is so bullet proof now that I have not needed to do any reloading or educating myself.

So here goes.

The 41CL version one has:

YFNS 1E patched for turbo50 at start.

The 41CL version two has YFNZ 2B.

From Montes manual I see that YFNZ-3B is available along with Angels latest CLUTILS 1H.

My questions are, using Montes instructions:

Upgrading to YFNZ 3B

Are both CL versions of YFNZ upgradeable, respecting Montes caveat on the Image Database upgrade.

At the moment I see upgrading the following files using the clonix module on both versions, please correct me if I am wrong:

1  YFNS 1E and 2B both to YFNZ 3B 

Last thing I need are bricks!

On another note, the 30Bs have arrived for upgrading and documenting. Did not want to convert my prototype clear cased 30B to the 34.

So it looks like and HP summer for me.

Cheers. Geoff


YFNZ-3B will work with any hardware. Some features will not be available (like the OS remapping) because of bugs in the FPGA programming.


thanks Monte!



Hi Geoff, just to confirm: CLUTLS_2H is compatible with YFNZ3B and the IMDB (which it doesn´t know about and therefore doesn´t use).

The only *and IMPORTANT FOR YOU* precaution is the YWALL-YRALL functions included in the module. You´re probably using your own versions, but be aware that they will reflash the complete sector where the IMDB is located, not a good thing at all!

So for anybody with the IMDB: do NOT use YWALL !


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