Sad, 5.35 USD lesson from a Forum member


Several of you may remember this thread from four weeks ago:

The outcome was an offer by a Forum member to reimburse me for the postage required to send him a nonworking TI-66 calculator.

I sent him the calculator, and have made several attempts to contact him since then. He has sent me nothing.


I think I'm having trouble with outgoing email; I've sent several messages requesting your postal address. I'll send you a message from my Gmail account.


This is what I love about this forum! Anywhere else on the internet this would have been a bitter exchange: "DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH MEMBER XYZ BECAUSE HE RIPPED ME OFF!!" Followed by "HEY, JERK FACE, I'VE BEEN TRYING TO REACH YOU FOR A WEEK."

This would be followed by 300 messages from the parties involved and a crowd of onlookers. :)

On this forum, we get a polite and reasonable warning about a possible problem, followed by a polite indication that it was a communication problem.

You people are great :)


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