Just got my Xpander, really hate the blue plastic cover, when it is tightly close, it is almost impossible to slide open! Any of you guys have any special technique to open it?

What I also cannot understanding is that it is powered by two AA Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and in the manual it is stated that the batteries are not replaceable. However, if compare with my Jornada 680 (where both with Hitachi SH3 processor) and also manufactured one year earlier than the Xpander and yet comes with a removeable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)pac.


Just a guess, but I would think that the manual refers to the never-released "final" product, which may have had an internal, non-replaceable battery as the HP-Compaq iPAQ PDA. Yours is a prototype or evaluation unit, so non-functional details like battery type may be different.


Hi Andrés,

Yes, you are right! I bought from a guy from Australia calimed to worked closely with the HP guys on this project and got a few units of the Xpanders from HP. They are all with a label "Non-Commercial Prototype"!

I have just opened up the battery cover where the opening clips were "cut-off" and has been taped shut with double sided tape and have noticed that there even an incomplete button cell back up battery slot.

I guess my overall impression of the unit is another "cut cost" production... especially the blue sliding cover, it is just so roughly made that it is so difficult to slide open or close and worse of all, each time you slide the cover, it just added on a few scratches to it... No wonder the new management decided to trash it!



I have read about many people that describe the Xpander as the last ACO's breath. Would you, after a few days of using the unit, add a few impressions of yours about it? Maybe I'm wrong, but that's the first time someone mentions facts like "the unit is another "cut cost" production", or "each time you slide the cover, it just added on a few scratches to it". We all know it's a "non-commercial prototype" and this sort of problems would surely not be present in the final-production (how WE wish...). But we may also know how far from reality were HP managers when they cut the project off.

I do not know if it is someone else's wish, but I am curious to know why I (we) cannot have a final-production Xpander to buy.




the Xpander wasn't the last breath of ACO.
They had the x25, and even it's successor was in the pipe.

Compared to the Xpander, the x25 was a real cut-cost project...




it seems that we can dig a little deeper. What is the x25? Any e-doc about it? Any e-rumor about it?

Thanks and cheers.



The X25 is the JORNADA x25, a LINUX based PDA that was (just like the Xpander) developed by the ACO just before it was shut down. It was a low cost PDA aimed at the youth market, It was never released although there are a few units around.

Laurence Carr


There were even a few roms made with linux for the Jornada 720. How I *wish* I could find one of those.

Taking one of the PDAs- preferably the 3/6/7 series and putting developing linux roms could have made a *huge* difference to a lot of users. (not all, but as an *option*, it would have made sense to everyone except microsoft)



I have a X25... here is a link to my page. Have a look at it.





Hi Vieira,

In fact I have more problem with the Xpander than I have mentioned earlier! In the manual, it was stated that the batteries need to be recharged by the supplied charger for nine hours, I did that but they won’t hold the charge at all. From the advice of the seller, I have the NiMH removed and put them into a standard NiMH charger for about 5 minutes and then return them to the unit, there after it is fine! I was told that if the batteries are left too long without a charge, the recharge circuit inside the unit will no longer charge them.

It was some struggling on the first two days of ownership; hence, I don’t have much time to explore the unit yet!


About the NiMH recharging issue: Wouldn't it be possible that the "internal circuit" is designed for the "final" Li-Ion nonremovable battery that you mentioned before, and precisely because of this, it didn't recharge your NiMH "interim version" batteries?

I would assume that, given that the batteries are not the type the manual states, the recharging instructions on the manual are (most probably) unapplicable to your preproduction unit. So please keep using an external, NiMH-specific charger, don't even risk your rare and valuable unit!


I think like the HP-49 you need to squeeze the cover to remove easily.


Hi Fred,

Not possible, if I would to squeeze it, I will probably crack it!


With the Xpander held in both hands with the fingers underneath and the keyboard pointed away from you, place your thumbs over either pair of rubber feet and slide the cover away from you with your thumbs.


Thanks Dave!

It seems like getting easier after a few more attempts, unfortunately I have noticed that each time I slide the cover, it just added additional unsightly scratches to the cover :-(


Even this 'feature' is similar to the 49G;-)


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