CLUTILS for XROM #31 YFNS instead of YFNZ?


Is there anyway to modify the CLUTIL to work with XROM #31 YFNS instead of XROM #15 YFNZ? One of my 41CL is running firmware 3A and YFNS 3A was patched to work around some minor bug, therefore I have to Plug YFNS-3A(patched) which won't work with several commands on CLUTILS. I don't think I can patch YFNZ-3A the way I did YFNS-3A.



Hi Kerem, - unfortunately not, too many dependencies and expected XROM values for the function launchers.

However you can patch your YFNZ so that its XROM # is also 15 - that'll solve the issue.



Hi Angel,

However you can patch your YFNZ so that its XROM # is also 15 - that'll solve the issue.

I think you meant to say YFNS, as YFNZ is in the protected area of Flash.

Hi Angel,

I know that version 3A allows to write to OS area which can also brick the calculator. So I wasn't sure if I should attempt this. I assume this process would be how to do it?

1- Clear Memory
3- "YFNS" PLUG1L (Since I will write over YFNZ, I should use YFNS)
5- "007>80C" YMCPY
6- Patch using YPOKE
7- "80C>007" YFWR (Save the patched YFNZ back to its original location)

This is similar but modified for YFNZ of what I have done to patch YFNS, do you see any problem with this flow? I really want to use the CLUTILS with this 41CL but afraid of bricking it.



Hi Kerem,

This is not the correct procedure to use. Check your email.


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