A cheap HP41C for sale...........999 EURO only


HERE, but quickly, the auction is ending


Apparently, the seller didn't find any customers. What a surprise!

It was such a bargain. He wrote: "I may find the box, manual, magnet card reader, and wil offer them." Obviously, separately for another chunk of bucks.

There is a guy who offers a huge bunch of HP calculators for just the similar price category.

Maybe a better offer...

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I'm confused, why are those so expensive? Rarity? Collector's item? Something else?


The offer for 950 Euro is for _nine_ calcs with manuals, among them an 11C,15C,16C,42S and two 19BII, one of which has the new battery door.

Given the average prices for which these calcs usually sell on eBay, the total price for the whole bunch is not too high.

And no, I have no connection to the seller.



Thanks, this makes more sense now.

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