HP-71B dead!


I have a dead HP-71B
it did work until I pulled out a ROM when the machine was switched on (accidently)
Can I rectify this?



did you try to reset (pull out batteries and shorten contacts) the machine? Are there some more cards in it ? Did you try to remove them ?

Best regards



Yes, Andreas, I removed alll cards (including HP-IL) so it is completely empty.

Using batteries or using the Power supply unit has no effect and the system will not start (nothing on the LCD).

I will try and short the battery contacts tonight but I'm not sure if this will make any difference!

I did not know removing a ROM whilst the machine was powered on would make any difference!!!!

Can you (or anybody) tell me if this is a well known issue?





The bad news: The owner manuals for the HP-71 do contain a warning not to install or remove any module while the unit is on.

The good news (quoting from a manual): "If the computer is on while a module is being installed or removed, it might reset itself, causing all stored information to be lost." There is no warning that any real damage will be done.

I hope it eventually works for you.




Andreas was correct here - shorting the battery connectors made the system come alive again when I applied power!!!


Without this I would have probably thrown the unit away!

thanks Andreas/Tom for all your help!



> Without this I would have probably thrown the unit away!

Feel free to use the money you would have spent on a replacement to order a set of MoHPC CD-ROMs.



Great to hear, James.

Enjoy the 71B. For BASIC programming, especially if trig functions are required, it is the best!



Well it was such a naughty machine, you really should throw it away. Use my trashcan, please.

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