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Among others: countdown timer, derivative, sum, 2x2 matrix, complex arithmetic.

P.S. Congratulations to Namir Shammas - he is now a grandpa!

Fun with the 71B


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eddie, unfortunately the link does not work, at least not for me.



unfortunately the link does not work

Here's the correct one:



Here's the correct one:

Thanks fhub! I apologize for the link that I posted is not working, Hans. I will correct it.

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Hi, what kind of Kindle case are you using to store the 71B? can you share a picture? I don't have a case for my 71B and I'm interested in any affordable solution.


Get at least a math module when you can.


That brings back some memories :)

Bought my HP-71B new from the University bookstore. Had the card reader, the CMT 11c/12c/16c emulator (just saw my custom laser printed, hand cut laminated overlay I made in my drawer) and the HP FORTH/Assembler ROM.

Used the FORTH/Assembler ROM manual to learn Saturn machine code, dumped the 48SX ROM to my PC and wrote the first RPL/Saturn disassembler/dethreader.

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