Source (Online) for 71/41 Programs


I know the 48 has online sources. Can anyone suggest a place to download hp41/71 programs?



May I suggest this very site: HP-41.

As well as ftp site for the HP-71.

Hope this helps.




I am particularly fond of J-M Baillard's large collection here.

There is considerable overlap with J-M's prolific contributions to this site, but in many case his own site has enhancements and updated versions.

I know little about the HP71. As for the HP41, I really think it is crucial for any serious user of online text listings to become conversant with the hp41uc.exe utility in order to get programs into the calculator. In the past, I used this to convert listings to bar code which I printed up on a decent laser printer for scanning. Now, I convert programs to LIF format and transfer them over using HP-IL, PIL-Box, and the ILPer mass storage emulator software. Indeed, I am so delighted with this that I wonder whether it is worth keeping my wand and card reader for any other than nostalgic reasons.



Great to hear you are pleased PIL-Box for HP-IL transfer to your computer. I have just ordered the hardware from Jean-Francois & am looking forward to using it with my 41CX & 41CV calculators.

Last week I briefly tried the hp41uc.exe utility but my initial attempts were not encouraging. As I run Windows 7 64-bit operating system I tried to run this utility in Virtual XP mode but all that happens is that it flashes up momentarily & closes down. Created a DOS shortcut with Windows 95 compatibility settings but still no luck. Also tried to run it via the Win41uc application but it indicated an errror.

Do you run hp41uc.exe on a Windows operating system or something else?

Any suggestions you have would be much appreciated.



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I run it in a command window in Windows XP. Works fine. I am primarily a Mac user, and have used DOSBox right under OS X Lion, but I have found the command console in an XP virtual machine more convenient.

I don't know much about Win 7 as I was into Macs starting with the Vista era and never got past XP. Why don't you try DOSBox for Windows? It is a Win32 program, but it emulates the DOS environment nicely and I know for a fact that hp41uc works.

My other half has Win 7 Starter on a small netbook, so I could try there.



Michael, I had no problem running hp41uc from the command prompt on my wife's Win 7 netbook--which is, admittedly, a 32-bit machine.

If this is a 32- vs. 64-bit thing, I am afraid it's beyond my pay grade.

If you need to try DOSBox, I would like to hear how you make out.

Forgive my naiveté, but shouldn't 32-bit programs work just fine in a 64-bit environment? I thought that going the other way was the challenge.


Last week I briefly tried the hp41uc.exe utility but my initial attempts were not encouraging. As I run Windows 7 64-bit operating system I tried to run this utility in Virtual XP mode but all that happens is that it flashes up momentarily & closes down.

Just read this more closely.

If you are just double-clicking the executable that won't work. You would see that very behaviour under XP too.

You have to open a DOS-like console window (search for "command" or "cmd") and navigate to hp41uc in your directory tree and run it from there. Just running "hp41uc" from the command prompt provides a brief help file covering basic command line syntax, switches, and the like. It isn't as complicated as it looks.


Many thanks Les for the quick & comprehensive responses. I think this last email explains the behaviour I am seeing. Will try your suggestions & see if I can get it to work.




On the subject of file transfer and file conversion ...

There is a windows command line program called HPDIR.EXE located on the HPDir project site that allow you to copy, list, delete, translate files to/from virtual tape files created by the the PIL-BOX.

On the same site, there is an another project called The HPDrive Project that allow you to directly access LIF formatted drives. Works with PC and HP-IB drives but not with USB drives.



Sylvain, I just discovered the HPDir utility. It is a great tool for extracting individual entries from the HDRIVE1.DAT and HDRIVE2.DAT tape/disk drive emulation files created and maintained both in Emu41 and the ILPer/PIL-Box interface.

I also believe that the lif2rom utility creates ROM files burnable to Clonix pages or writeable to HEPAX RAM, but I have yet to explore this.



There is some on my site.


The 41 walks your dog?


It's on my wish list.


Ok and how do you transfer these to the 41 and 71?

Please excuse my naivete on this matter.



John, for the HP41 this admittedly dated page covers some of options.

In the past, I have generated barcode with the hp41uc.exe utility, printed them in good enough quality on a cheap but decent laser printer, and scanned them with the wand. I still have a stack of barcode printouts even though I don't use them anymore.

Now, I use the excellent PIL-Box to read programs directly into the calculator over an HP-IL connection after I have converted text files to LIF format using the hp41uc utility.

There are other options. On Geir's page you will find some User Library solutions that Ángel and others have converted to MOD files (usable in the V41 emulator and other places) and ROM files that can be used in EMU41 or burned into a page in a Clonix-family module. I think there are other ways to collect user programs into a user-generated ROM file that can be burned to a Clonix-family module or transferred to a calc with some ability to read ROMs (i.e., with HEPAX or CCD) but I don't know much about it.

I have scratched the surface. The bottom line, at least for the HP41, is that you need some sort of transfer means, like HP-IL connectivity (nowadays usually provided via PIL-Box rather than the older ISA bus), or a writable ROM module like Clonix, NoVRAM, etc.



Dear Les,

creating own idividual ROM images (= plug in modules) with USER code software programs is described in my book HP-41 Intput/Output Board & IL2000 Interface System. You can do this with EMU41, later transfering the completed ROM images to 41CL or Clonix or RAM-Box or Zeprom...

With best regards - Christoph Klug

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