Power_CL: updated CLUTLS module - bank-switched (!)


Hi folks,

I just completed a new version of the CLUTLS module. The intention was to include the new ROM images (not included in the V2 version) in the ROMLIB and CLLIB functions, for convenience and completeness sake.

Extending the internal table required more space than the available one, even if using the Library#4 (the rom is really packed). I also didn't want it to be a 8k module, so I started investigating the bank-switching method.

Needless to say I borrowed, copied and stole at length from the HEPAX implementation - which uses the same-page BS technique, and even goes up to 4 banks for future expansions. I don't know if the HEPAX used the IR-Printer BS concept and extended on them, but it sure is an amazing implementation - way trickier and more sophisticated than the crossed-page one used in the Advantage and the CX/OS.

Surprisingly enough I got successful results after a few initial tests, so the CLPOWER module has become a reality.

Not only I managed to meet the original objective, placing the ROM Library table in bank-2, I also enhanced its functionallity by adding the ROM size and type information in the displayed string.

Also ROMLIB is now a prompting function that allows listing the modules by type/category, where the following types exist: (in alphabetical order)

E: Engineering

F: Finance

G: Games

M: Math

S: Science

U: Utils

X: System Extensions.

With more than 160 modules in the library it's very handy to have both alphabetical and content-related search capabilities - and that's exactly what these functions provide now. As before, it supports SST/BST, and the other hot-keys.

But there's more: while I was at it I threw in both a ROM and RAM HEXEDITors, taken from other modules - complete access to your RAM and MMU-mapped ROM. And some more yet, given the huge empty space still available I added the complete UNIT Conversion code -including the Electrical units extensions , and the Unit Catalogs. (-SI, SI-, UCAT). Not bad for a free-ride in bank-2!

The module is now also page#6-compatible, assuming of course there's no printer. This courtesy of the HEPAX, which shows which areas must be left unused so the OS won't believe there's a printer there.

Only a few functions from the CLUTLS_4H have been removed to allow for the FAT entries - and all of them are present in the AMC_OSX module, so not a loss but elimination of redundancy.

POWERCL is also a Library#4-aware module - so you know what that means (once you taste a good thing there's no way back! :-)

Anyone interested just drop me an email, it sure is fun to squeeze all this juice from the venerable machine - on CL-steroids!



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¡Hola, Ángel!

Wow! and Wow! again!

I must confess I have missed a lot since I have no 41CL mainboard to experiment, but I'll try to grab at least one of it ASAP. For those who actually were there when the HP41 was introduced and understand it is not a matter of having new pocket tools - old pocket knives still have their place after the swiss knife -, instead the acknowledgment of a tech masterpiece, the 41CL sublimates the dream of having it around for some more time.

Anyway, I am totally interested on following the development of these new ROM and mostly understanding the bank switch scheme. Would you have any notes you could share, or maybe (or at least, as if it is the least...) the address of the parts you studied in the other modules - HEPAX, CX-OS, 82242 ROM -? I know it would take a lot of time explaining what you've done, but pointing out where you were looking at when creating your wonderful ROM images might lead us, believers, to the path of faith.

¡Saludos! ¡Y muchas gracias!


Hola Luiz, thanks for your interest - it's great to have you on the gang :-)

Yes I shall put together a succint write-up as soon as I'm done experimenting and the job is done. Believe it or not I actually enjoy documenting the work; it's one of the few ways I have to remember what I've done a few weeks later.

I'm still tweaking things and adding some more tricks to the module. The current area is a constant library, KLIB, similar to those available on other new HP models - using ALPHA to show them in groups of five - so nothing fancy but functional, and MCODE is the way to do it for sure.




Hi Ángel,

This is just to join Luiz words: "WOW!!!"

Not much time now to reply appropriatedly but will keep in contact.

(Seems I'll need yet another ClonixConfig update in order to allow bank 2 handling... :-)

Cheers from Dom. Republic.



Hola Diego,

(Seems I'll need yet another ClonixConfig update in order to allow bank 2 handling... :-)

Well, yes! I´ve been fumbling around witht the CLONIX files and it´s not always clear that it works, so your guidance will be great.

I tried it on the MLDL2k and works like a charm using the same BS conventions as the HEPAX does (reduced to 2 banks).

Just to remind everyone, the POWERCL module could also reside in a Clonix / Nov-RAM / No-V64 for those of you who favor such setup arrangment.

Lost of homework for Diego, afraid we're not letting the man enjoy his Caribbean timeout :-)




Not much of a trouble, after all, although in (almost permanent) vacation I have some spare time to test some ideas, corrections, additions, etc. while abroad.

Will keep you posted and/or mailed... :-)

Have a nice week.



Hola Ángel,

That all sounds very promising. Very good work!

Are the restrictions concerning the version of the 41CL?

Can I get it as usually from TOS?



Hello Frido, POWERCL is completely compatible with V1, V2, and V3 versions of the CL board. Obviously the newly-added modules on the V3 (i.e. not present on the others) won´t be PLUGGED but that´s quite expected.

Should be on TOS in a few days, after I complete the testing - the constants library is now done, with three "lineups screens" in total, and nice touches in the GUI - for the lack of a better word :-)

It's a great module, even if it's me who says it.


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