NoV-64: Possible to Burn Time Module for Use on a CV?


The subject line says it all. I have extracted Time-1C.ROM from time.mod available at TOS, and burned it to page 5 where it usually lives, and I can't get the stopwatch to work. Trying to burn the ROM in another page creates even weirder behaviour--flickering display, unresponsive keyboard, etc.

Grateful for wisdom here,



There´s much more to the Time Module than just the MCODE, so burning it in a clonix won't make it functional, like for instance it isn't on the CL even if the code is present.

It also requires to be residing on page#5, which probably explains the weird behavior you're seeing.




Hi there,

Ángel's reply has covered the main issues, TIMER is not a ROM Pac; it's a peripheral, so not much to add except perhaps saying once again: please read the manual... this would save you lots of time and effort... :-)

From NoV-64 manual foot notes on last page:


(1) Peripheral modules (IR Printer, HP-IL, TIMER & ExtFunc/Memory module) cannot be replicated due their unique characteristics.

(2) System modules (IR Printer, TIMER, HP-IL* and Ext Memory) can be plugged along with the NoV-64 even in 32K RAM mode, since they does not conflict with its page mapping.

(*) Please see HP-IL compatibility limitations in the HEPAX manual."

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Ah, it becomes clear.

This all said, I was able to dump my XM/XF module (ver 1C, as opposed to the 1A provided in the Clonix CD zip file) and burn it to the the NoV-64, even copying it without hassle to a RAM page. I have been able to execute extended functions, but I do admit I haven't tried to save to XM, even though EMDIR reports an empty directory and 124 available registers just like the "real" module does. Maybe I should check that out...



Even though it reports 124 registers in XM, I don't think it is real. I have not been able to write to it. Although it is an expected behaviour as indicated in the manual, similar to the time or IR module.

With standard HP-41s, another thing I noticed related to Nov64 XM is; if I configure the NoV-64 as dual-XM module, only my hp-41's running below 365kHz was able to utilize it properly. Other ones show a wierd display like "0 000" or "0-000", act abnormal and does not show any XM.


Hi Kerem,

Although Double X-MEM emulation seems to have some timing limitation on initialization, I've found that [ MEMORY LOST ] inmediately after plugging your NoV-64 or Clonix-D (Dbl X-MEM configured) causes the module to initialize as expected and you'll find no more weird display issues.

Give it a try if you can and let us know if it also works for you.

Thanks for your support and best wishes.



Hi Diego,

Great suggestion, should have tryied it first. It works fine after the reset and "MEMORY LOST". Provides all 600 registers. There is only one thing, when I create a new label instead of getting the little "T" sign between the LBL and the label name, I get letter "G". However it does not seem to create any issues running or saving the program.

I am very happy with my NoV64 and Clonix-D modules. Opens up so many possibilities and capabilities to explore great depths of 41C(V)(X) and 41CL. Thank You!


Hi there,

"G" instead of raised "T"? Wow!, this scores high in my weirdness list... :-)

Is this consistent? or is it also related with clock speed?

I'll try to check with the units I've brought with me: 372 & 351 KHz.

Will keep in contact.

Enjoy the Californian Sunday.



Hi Diego,

It seems to be consistent at least on 2 HP-41CVs. It works fine on my half-nut 41CX which we had determined to run slower before. If there are any specific tests you would like me to perform I will be glad to provide you the information. This seems very minor.


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I can't get the stopwatch to work.

Grateful for wisdom here,



The Time Module has a crystal based time circuitry that allows the time and stopwatch registers to work.

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Hi Les,

Looks like you got your answer. But, specifically, the Time module (as both Ángel and Diego said) is not simply a ROM. It is a peripheral device that adds hardware to support timekeeping as well as the software (MCODE) to access the functions.

The Time module contains a crystal and associated hardware (essentially a digital time keeping device) to the HP41C/CV models--the hardware is of course built into the CX. In fact (as Diego also mentioned) the Time module hardware is the one thing missing from the HP41CL implementation of the 41CX. Even though the software is there (as Diego noted) the hardware is not present and you actually have to plug in a Time module to get that enhanced functionality.

Basically think of the Time module in the same way as you would the IR Printer module--you could have the software from the module but without the IR transmitter it wouldn't do you much good.

On a somewhat associated note... I have just gotten into MCODE programming in the past few days. I have written a few routines (learning a lot from experts such as Ángel by studying their code) and one of my next projects is going to involve accessing the Time module functionality from within an MCODE routine. In preparation for that I have begun digging into the documentation of the module and discovering some of the complexity associated with it.

I hope this helps to clarify things a little.



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