Support on HP 9825B case



We have a equipment which is controlled by a calculator
HP 9825B and, now , we want to work with a Personal Computer Interface instead of this Calculator, can you support me on this matter?


Hello Dario,

If you are talking about using a PC to control some equipment that is controlled by the 9825 through HPIB, then you would probably want to look at the company National Instruments. They make some of the best cards that implement IEEE-488 (the current name for HPIB) on the market and support those cards in current operating systems.

You will probably have to rewrite your applications since I know of no software that can run the programs from your 9825 directly on the PC.

I hope this is of some help.


For the software side, there is a chance that products from a company called TransEra may help you...

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