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I know this is off topic but I think the HP Calculator fans would know about this. I need a (actually make it 8) computers to run Windows 95. I have an application to run Wonderware Intouch 5.6b and I can't run this software on any OS except Windows 95. The computers that they are running now are old and need to be replaced. I would greatly appreciate on this.


Have you tried with the microsoft virtual PC can run it on a "modern" OS and hardware and you can install a different OS (95 I mean) on the virtual machine so created.

Or you need absolutely the old hardware???


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I have tried these things.
Trying to run the software with other OS's. Tried Windows 98 and it didn't work. Tried Win3.1, Windows NT3.51 and NT4.0 all didn't work.
Try to run Windows 95 on a newer PC and run into a bunch of problem. First the problem with new PC has too much memory. That taken cared of. Then it has something wrong with initializing IOS. I couldn't get this to work. If I had it working I still have to worry about the video card driver as it needs to run at 800x600 resolution. The app needs the parallel port for the dongle key, 2 serial ports. 1 RS-232 and the other RS-422 (which I can use a converter). No sound nor ethernet needed.
I am currently trying to run it on a virtual system. Had serious problem with video driver on Oracle Virtual Box. So I use Microsoft Virtual PC and it seems I had better luck with the 2004 version than the newer 2007. I hope it works.
But the more elegant solution is to get a new PC that would run Windows 95 without the emulation.


I don't think there is such a thing as a "new PC that would run Windows 95 without the emulation".

All new PCs have hardware that is unsupported by Windows 95.

What you need isn't a new PC, it's an old PC.


The best is buying an old working notebook.

Personnaly I liked Toshiba Satellites, but those were running W98. You should look at CNET or another Oldies database to find your friend, and then search for it on TAS. HTH, cheers.


The best is buying an old working notebook.

Personnaly I liked Toshiba Satellites, but those were running W98. You should look at CNET or another Oldies database to find your friend, and then search for it on TAS. HTH, cheers.

The first "windows suited for" notebook I got is a COMPAQ ARMADA, still working with WIN95 charged. It's heavier than a couple of bowling balls...I handled it just two days ago..

You can find easily it in the "surplus" stores for a 50-100$
Old laptops hold the price expecially for the build-in RS232 connectors presence , very suitable for the apparatus management....and not only

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Did you try this? (Notice that you need at least Windows 95 OSR2 (4.00.950 B) and in case that you don't have any pci graphics card you have to enable agp support with the usb patch).


I suggest sun Virtual Box. You can make a disk image using Win 95, and just copy the image to different (modern) PC's. Depending on what you need to do, it's pretty convenient.


You can run your application on any version of InTouch. I'm a systems integrator who's programmed InTouch since the beginning. It's trivial to convert the application to the latest version or any version for that matter that will run on the latest Windows OS. If you are concerned about the cost of licensing, version 7.1 from the late 90's will run up to 512 tags with no license IIRC. I've run that on XP before. If that tag count is too low, apps can often be rewritten so they use almost no tags by using direct address references. My professional opinion is that it's not a good idea to rely on obsolete OS's and software to run your factory.

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I second the VirtualBox suggestion. It's free and there are plenty of videos on YouTube showing you how to install Win95 on it.

Since you're buying 8 machines, you might find a small dealer who would install Linux and VirtualBox for you?


Reading all your restrictions mentioned down the thread wouldn't it be better to just look for a more recent software to replace your old application? Are the developers still around? What does the software do for you?

Another idea might be to look for a miniature PC board for controller applications. They often come with the legacy interfaces, a PC (or CF) card slot and flash memory as boot disk.

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Any of the thousands of InTouch developers or vendors, including me, can easily solve the OP's issue. InTouch is industrial control software. It runs a machine or several machines and devices. Any version of the source code can easily be made to run in any version of the software, including the latest on Win 7. It's trivial. A vendor or integrator can upgrade your app, software and licenses for you. All you have to do is ask your local distributor.

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Thank you very much for all your replies!
Dave upgrading to new version of InTouch would cost us $5000 (more or less, some of the machines have 10000 tags runtime license but it doesn't need that many) for each machine. We have no developer license. We have plan to upgrade which involves new PLC and new HMI package and without intouch. But that is a couple of years down the road. Right now I would like to find a solution that doesn't cost as much as upgrading the Intouch software.

I have tried Oracle VM VirtualBox running on Windows XP and I had problem getting 800x600 video resolution. I have better luck with Virtual PC but Virtual PC isn't as flexible as far as the serial ports is concerned. I think this is the most promising route.

I found that the InTouch uses 2 DDE servers to communicate with 2 sections of the machines (A PLC and a weight scale feeder). I tested these 2 DDE servers and they run find under Windows XP although they were written for Windows 3.1. With them may be I can simply write an application in Visual Basic to replace the InTouch part. It will be simpler, may be not polished like Intouch, but it would do what we need and may be more to our likings. I think this is a good option also but would take me a couple of months to do.


Try DOSBOX. Here you can see instructions on running W95 in DOSBOX:

Dosbox perfectly handles problems with EMS/EMM, serial port and video.

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