[WP-34S] I/O Error & Save Original 30b Flash ROM?


After successfully flashing my 30b twice each error free I can't seem to use the RECV/SEND without a 5 second I/O Error no matter which way. I know the port is correctly set in the ini file as COM3 and it does show Wait... on both ends as well as the = signs.

My port on the USB to Serial converter is COM3 and is set to:
115200,8,NONE,1,NONE(=flow control). The flash works but not the other communications.(Just to be sure I tried to set COM port 0 thru 3 as well in the ini file but only #3 works.)


I have an older 30b which I want to re-flash after possibly saving the 30b original ROM for a later reverse flash (I'd like to keep and use the HP Black-Scholes diff. eq. in the future again). Can one do that?

Anyone in the know on any this stuff?


Edit #2 added below later:

The crystal is installed and the XTAL? returns true. And I used the xtal-full.bin flash. Just be 2 x sure I entered sequentially 80, 90, 100, 110, 120 in X.

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You can't download the ROM image in the 30b. Once you convert to the 34s you'll need to find the 30b ROM image somewhere if you want to switch back to having a 30b.



Thanks. Something told me it wasn't going to be that easy. Well, I'll have to buy another 30b sometime (that would be #4 including my 20b).

I appreciate your response though.



Possibly some helpful and prominent MoHPC forum member can help you, just ask here for help and wait for a while to see if someone can send you an image of the original software.



Thanks, that may be some day.



As long as XTAL? returns true the contents of X is ignored with RECV and the SEND commands.

It looks like your setup is correct (the long wait indicates that the COM port is detected on the PC, otherwise the failure would be instantaneous). The only Idea I have is to use a software line monitor and check what goes back and forth.

Do you have more than one serial port configured? Check in Hardware Manager!

BTW, the baud rate is set to 9600 by the software, so 115KB/s is definitely not the correct setting. You need not worry about it because the setting is performed by the software but this may indicate that your system is not configured for the correct port.



Thanks for taking time out to read my query. You are correct, of course, and Walter also clearly states in his Manual 3.1.3100 page 126, that X is ignored when XTAL?->True, but I had to cover all my bases. If one thing is wrong one cannot conclude that the system logically still is intact and I was hoping for an aberrative positive event. I lost.

I assumed that the handshake would be automatic as the flash worked flawlessly twice. I did just now, however, manually set Baud=9,600 and leave flow to none.

Status: right now I can send from the Emulator to the 34S. Using identical but reverse direction commands results in an I/O Error trigger after 5 secs.

What can possibly cause such an asymetric behavior?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Chris, I have and am experiencing the same error. I posted about this a while ago, with no solution.
Everything works fine, except for calculator to emulator transmission.
BTW I have stopped pulling my hair out over this(there's nothing left :) ) and just accepted it.


It shouldn't happen. :-( At 9600 Baud an overrun condition is not very likely. There exists a free serial line monitor for Windows which monitors what happens between an application and an external device. Try to find and install it and tell me what happens.


John & Marcus/Walter,

I was wondering if John is using Win XP or Win 7 as I?

I have had a reverse successful xfer with SENDP but that was with RAM empty. As soon as I put a LBL A1 with a couple of lines in there it failed.

As John says he gave up and I am running out of gray hair as well.

Walter bitte:

A footnote on page 126 in the Manual 3.1.3101 detailing all of the relevant settings like Baud, Parity, as well as other circumstances, could possibly help - if they were to be detailed satisfactorily.



Chris, none are needed, all settings are automatic. It shouldn't make a difference what you set the port to in Windows.



So howcome it is not working?



Go to http://www.serial-port-monitor.com/ and download the free software. Once installed you can monitor what happens on the serial line. I need this info to diagnose the problem.


I have run WP34S under Win XP in VMWare Fusion virtualization on two Macs. Never any problems with bidirectional sending and receiving on one machine. For a time, the exact unidirectional transmission issues you report on the other. In time, the issues seemed to remit, and I have no idea why.

I must say I don't know if they have returned for me. I should check. These days I don't do much in the way of SENDing or RECVing RAM contents. Instead, I compile my programs using Neil Hamilton's utilities to a wp34s-lib.dat file, concatenate that to the calc.bin file, and flash the lot in MySamba. Should I ever want to transfer over something other than programs (register contents or state settings) I know that I will have to look at SEND and RECV again, but no need now.

Of interest, for a time I was using Pascal's Qt emulator on my Macs. I had the opposite problem--SEND and RECV worked flawlessly, but I never could get his flash tool to work. I ended up just going back to doing everything under Windows again.

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Hi Chris
I am running Win 7, 32bit. Marcus I will download the monitor program and try.


Status: right now I can send from the Emulator to the 34S. Using identical but reverse direction commands results in an I/O Error trigger after 5 secs.

What can possibly cause such an asymetric behavior?

Driver problem? I tried 4 chipset under 3 OS and had sometimes such strange behaviors. S

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