2 essential questions about HP49


Hi all,

the first question I have and I hope to be answered is that why does the HP49 return the result "-1" for "-1 yx 2" ???

And the second question I hope to be answered by someone who already had contact with ASM.
There is an error occurring, when I try to compile a string file.Well, I tried to type in one of the shorter examples of Kalinowski and saved it as a String-File, then lateron after using ASM on this file the calculator returnes "Invalid File" ????. What to do ?? Maybe ya know !!


Q1: because the unary operator '-' has lower precedence than
y^x. So -1^2 = -(1^2) = -1
Q2: the string file has to end with: <LF>@
The '@' must be the first character in the last line, and no other character may follow it (not a blank, either).
There can be many other problems. Post the string if it still doesn't work.




the title explains itself. When I bought my 48SX I tried SYS RPL (successfuly) and got to the fact that I'd not particularly need the enhancements achieved. Now I'm a lot curious about ASM in the HP49G because the O.S. is upgradable, and (racional) changes can be introduced in the calculator this way. I just want to know the better starting-point (preferably e-docs; finding OR ordering something from outside Brazil is always a headache), because there is no ending-point for this sort of subjects...

Thank you very much.

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