RPN Simuator for 28/48


Hello all.

Since the 28/48 series have a 4+ line display, is there a program that operates or demonstrates the Stack Lift, Disable, Enable, Pop behavoiur of a 4-register stack (41C, HP-67, HP25C, etc.)?

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HP made a 41 emulator card for the SX. There are also emulators from Hrast Programmer see here.


Hi and thanks.

As this app is 50G compatible, any ideas on how much memory it needs? By the way, the webpage shows the 49G Keyboard mappings. Are the mappings identical for the 50G?

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As this app is 50G compatible, any ideas on how much memory it needs?

It has been a while since I have used it. Download the free version and give it a try.

Are the mappings identical for the 50G?

Not sure but I should think so. They are extremely similar machines.


As this app is 50G compatible, any ideas on how much memory it needs?

It depends on the size of the version you want to install: from 30.5K (for the basic HP-41C version with 64 registers) to 72.7K (for HP-41CV version with XF/XM, PPC and Advantage Modules).

You can easily check this by downloading the free HP-41E for HP-49G+/50G:


By the way, the webpage shows the 49G Keyboard mappings. Are the mappings identical for the 50G?


HP-49G and HP-49G+/50G versions are very similar, various differences are discussed here:



I was one of the rarities who was always pretty happy with my old 49G+ and never splurged on the 50G, and I can attest that the "limited" freeware version of this superb emulator is very powerful indeed. The keyboard map takes some learning, but for one who knows the original 41 series it quickly becomes intuitive. It takes little memory indeed on 49G+ or 50G. I have typically stored it on and run it from the SD card.



Nice :-)

It seems that, even after 12 years, this little emulator still has many users ...


Hi all.

My thinking is to install one (or two) of the apps directly into the 50G (under a separate directory as per the readme suggestion) with the HPConnect app & serial cable. Or is there a different manner for them to be installed?


Get a cheap, smallish SD card. I have an old and yet completely functional 128MB--tiny by today's standards, but huge as far as the calc is concerned. I just have all of the HP41E variants on my card. I navigate through the directory tree to my SD card, recall a copy of whatever flavour of HP41E I want to the stack, and store it in a variable. Easy peasy. If I have RAM storage activated (the README tells you how to do this), programs get stored when I exit to the RM41 file, which can be stored back to the SD card, transferred to the PC, and manipulated with the RAW41 console utility. The programs extracted from or added to RM41 are in RAW format, which themselves can be manipulated by the hp41uc utility. You need never enter a program by fingers alone ever again--type up a text listing in proper syntax, compile it to RAW format with hp41uc, add that to RM41 with RAW41, copy RM41 back to the SD card and it is again accessible to the calculator.

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