HP is stepping down?


Is it true that HP will no longer make calculators? Well, at least not the good style? RPN,programmable... Is the 49g and the 20s all that remain? Should I go and snatch up one of the remaining 48gxs? By the way does anyone know how to enter : in the 32sii programming environ.? Is there a copy of the manual online somewhere? HP wants 43.00 for a copy of it!!


I bought some HP-32SII's from an Australian Surveying Supply house. I have since sold all the Australian ones. I just emailed the place I bought from before and other surveying suppliers in Australia. The following reply from one supplier is consistant with an early reply from a different supplier. I have no crystal ball to know if it is true, but I do believe this is what Australians are being told.

"Thank you for your enquiry, however we are out of stock of this unit, and HP are no longer manufacturing it. They will be introducing a replacement towards the end of this year, but until then the graphics calculator range are the only alternative.

It is my understanding some components required in the manufacturing process have become extremely dated and un-obtainable.

If you can hold off, I suggest you wait until the new one is introduced, or you can investigate the more powerful graphics range."


Some-one from ACO (when it was running) said the Saturn processor was soon to be obsolete. Perhaps HP made the HP32Sii until the processor chips were all used up?

The HP48/9 use a different version of the Saturn chip so perhaps these too will be discontinued when HP run out of these chips (if the one used is also obsolete).

As with everybody else I wait for HP's next move.

Does anyone know what processor is used for the HP30 or HP10Bii? Perhaps then new calc will be based on these.

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