[WP-34S] Zero G Milestone. Red Barron Deployment.


Obviously no WP-34S can be considered theoretically certified as being space ready without a NASA space test like in the good old days when NASA Lunar Module pictures covered the manuals. One such picture had a calculator being used by an astronaut in the module as well as a white smaller slide rule. I later bought an identical such slide rule for my collection in the original box.

Now, the other day, bored after being bombarded by the Red Barron, who had secretly been re-deployed to the British Northwest Territories, expelling medical dictionaries from his tri-Fokker in a fit over a mad scientist in the hated American Territories of the Alaskan Yukon River, I decided to take my superior Kansas monoplane up to 14,000 feet (well above the tri-Fokker's ceiling) for a zero gravity run while looking for a medical term translator which thus may impress me.

I am happy to report that the WP-34S passed the 3 second zero-g test. That is about the time I can do zero G and still be within the recovery limitations of my own 4g structural limits as well as the max. maneuvering speed limit. The Newton non-quantum mechanical theoretical parabolic curve is hard to follow without busting recovery limits of all kinds, but the 34S did pass without being crushed when it eventually hit something not having any micro recovery parachutes installed inside yet.

Upon decoding the suspicious medical terminology bombs the WP-34S function return value reads: "Monsieur Le Rouge Baronne is suffering from battle fatigue".



Shouldn't it read "Monsieur Le Rouge Baronne is suffehring fhrom battle fatïgue"?

P.S.: If I missed the 'no-funny return point', please consider the tongue and cultural differences...



According to the newest decoded messages Herrn Rote Baronen was secretly sent to the West of Western front to spy on the new British circular slide rule known as the 34S flight computer issued to the new top secret 15 horsepower bi-planes in development and he had to assume a French background to cover up his German accent.

Herrn Baronen is known to be unable to phantom that 300 Million Yanks have a view of society different from that of his own blueprint of utopia thus erroneusly concluding a population reality from biased sample observations that they must all be nuts.

And so ends this saga ... the beaver hat's peace pipe lit up to the drums of the festive Far North West natives dancing all around them in the Arctic darkness ... and they all got together and made great science afterwards ... on their new WP-34S version 4.0 as Herrn Baronen stunningly revealed his real double-identity as our friend Dr. L..?




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Der Rote Baron sollte in Alaska ein paar Deutschstunden geben. The Red Baron should give some lessons about German grammar and flexing nouns ... most beneficial in the dark when he can't see his student all asleep ;-)


Shouldn't we be discussing Erich Hartmann, whose record is quite a bit more impressive.

- Pauli



It certainly is an interesting historic narrative you linked. When I chose WWI as my background it was simply out of respect to this international forum. My late father (and his own father as well) was in the Pacific Theater on the second Yorktown Carrier CV-10 and I have many of his medals and letters from famous US Admirals and Generals thanking him for his services. I have often thought of giving these documents and local newsletters from those days on the CV-10 - even which movie was shown that day - to the CV-10 Museum in SC.

When I mentioned the circular slide rule I was a little uncomfortable as I was referring to the B29 version which may lead to forum readers having uncomfortable memories in particular in Germany.

International friendship and cooperation is always my preference to war and we are all here because we love our calculators for whichever reason. Because of the existence of some insane Hitler or Japanese war crazy generals, and we here in the US have had our own insane people over our timeline (and I think your country has had some idiots too if you look into your own history), does not mean that I will lower myself to their lowest common denominator, but rather I prefer to enjoy myself by studying great minds from wherever they originate.

Ultimately, isn't it our highest personal goal to end the evil cycle of hate originating from ignorance. Unfortunately, ignorance is so abundantly in supply that I tire from my efforts to eradicate this menace.

Now, my cable arrived and I am having upgrade angst. What could possibly be worse than losing my WP-34S memory because I presssed the wrong erase key in the wrong time-sequence. I do have a second HP-30b but somehow it ain't quite the same anymore.


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Chris, don't be afraid. Nobody AFAIK has ever sentenced a WP 34S to death by faulty upgrading. The worst thing happening (and I've experienced that) is draining a pair of batteries by not following the procedure properly. Then, indeed, you WP 34S may look dead - but a fresh pair and a correctly executed procedure will resurrect it from the dead, be assured :-) So there's no need for fear or 'Angst', just do it!



Thanks for your encouraging words.

So which Samba X is the best bet for me to download from say Atmel in order to communicate with my Win7 USB converter to the HP-30b?

Your instructions on SourceForge as well as Tim W's are quite clear in saying that XP is it, but it is dated in 2009. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't ... that's the msg. I get for the non XP. I'm reluctant to download .8 Gig of XP Virtual as I did that a year ago and I managed to mess it up so bad that I had to spend a whole day in re-formatting back to Win7.

Marcus talks about MySamba, some talk about Samba 2.10 and not the newer 2.11?



MySamba is the way to go :-)



Obviously you were not asleep, thus making my day.



You're welcome! I appreciate you recognized the subtle differences between the German and the English text above ;-) Not many of your compatriots can do ...

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